Where to buy a stock fuel pump

Does anyone know where I can get a stock fuel pump (not the sender assembly, just the pump)? I’ve had a look around on Evil Empire and eBay and they all seem to be uprated pumps at 255 litres/hour and beyond. Some on eBay also seem suspiciously cheap at about £25.

If standard pumps aren’t available, would the stock fuel pressure regulator be able to cope with an uprated pump?

Thanks for any help

You could check if rockauto.com has it

Dont think the stock pumps are available anymore but I could be wrong. Just call your nearest Mitsubishi dealer and they should know.

Thanks for the link. I was hoping to find a UK supplier, but this site might be useful for cross-referencing part numbers

I suspect Mitsubishi are going to want to sell a complete pump/sender assembly for many £££. I was hoping to find a pump that was a similar flow rate/pressure but may just have to go with an uprated unit

Has your pump failed?

What are the specifications for the original pump?? And who made the original ones??

I believe so. I disconnected the inlet to the fuel rail and a little dribble of fuel came out. I then cranked the engine with it disconnected and nothing came out. I then put 12v to the test port (black connector between the battery and firewall) and could hear the relay clicking but no pump noise at all. I still need to do some further checks (continuity etc.) but was looking for a pump as it seems a likely suspect.

Previous to the car not starting at all, I’ve had a few months where, if left for a long time between being used (1 week plus), it would start but only after lots of cranking.

I believe it was a Denso item, part number 195130-0810. I haven’t found any specs yet, but I believe is in the 180-190lph range

Would there be any issue going with the Denso one that is on rockauto?? as it looks like the original one is not available any longer… If it fits and has a little more pressure, then that would just be returned back into the tank as the injectors only take a predesigned amount in or am I totally wrong there???

I think you’re right about the original one not being available anymore. Based on the quick bit of internet research I’ve done, it looks like using any slightly higher flowing pump is probably going to be OK with the standard regulator. If using pump with a really high flow rate/pressure, I image you’d need an aftermarket regulator, but I’m no expert when it comes to fuel systems!

I changed mine for a higher rated pump, and it’s fine.

Have you took your pump out of the tank?

Not yet, but it’s looking like I’m going to have to. I’m dreading it a little bit because it’s undoubtedly very rusty. I watched Joe’s video yesterday in preparation!

Just picked one up in box of spares this morning. Supposedly off VR4 but I will look at it tomorrow and try to find serial/part number. Few other things in box that I dont need so will put on here for sale during the wee

Do you have turbo or non turbo? I have a good stock of the non turbo.

Sorry I should’ve mentioned it in the original post, I have a turbo.

So there’s been a couple of developments. Firstly @Greena28 kindly bought round a spare pump assembly today, unfortunately it turned out to be for a non-turbo car, but thank you anyway :+1:

I’ve also been continuing my diagnosis. I took the battery into the boot of the car, disconnected the fuel pump connector and, using a couple of spare bits of wire, directly connected the pump to the battery. Initially it made some weird spluttery/squelchy noises before then going quiet. After a few seconds of silence it then whirred into life!

I connected the battery back up properly and turned the key. The engine started up pretty much straight away but spluttered for a few seconds at a really low idle before coming up to normal idle speed. I suspect there’s a blockage or something which given that the car has stood for several years, isn’t that surprising. I imagine I’m going to find some debris in the tank when I take it off for a refurb.

Thanks everyone for your inputs. I probably will still get a new pump just for peace of mind, but it looks like a good clean up and some new filters are in order

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Well done Matt I think the exhaust note from my Red must have gee’d you into action. On a serious note ,now that its mobile get it up in the air and make sure the rust cost is not going to be prohibitive.

It’s a great sounding car! Mines much quieter by comparison.

Regarding the corrosion, I have been under the car a few times and it’s mostly surface. That said, to pay a someone to put it back on the road would almost certainly make no financial sense, rendering it a parts car. However, I bought it primarily to take my time and learn some new skills. Being relatively thin sheet, it’s definitely going to be challenge (blow through etc.) but I figured it’s all part of the learning process :+1:. Good job the car was cheap :joy:

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I just managed to find a stock of fuel pumps for the turbo models. Every one is saying that these are now obsolete so I bought the lot just in case. Should be here in a few weeks and I am sure that I will be able to spare a couple for the needy. I will update you when they arrive.