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Have you got a problem that you just can’t solve? Someone here may have the answer. Tell us about your problem and give as much detail as possible. Please only respond to peoples problems if you genuinely know the answer. Don’t talk about what you read about in a forum somewhere else because if the information is wrong, you just end up spreading bad information.

Repair & Restoration Services

This category is for you to advertise and promote any repair or restoration service which is available to members of our community. It may be something like a seat restorer or spray shop or ecu repair service. You are actively encouraged to give good feedback to businesses or individuals that give excellent service and quality.

General Discussion

Have you got something to say? Maybe you have an idea that you want to put to others. Here’s the place to do it. Try to keep it on topic but you can drift a little of you think that others in the 3000gt/GTO community would be interested.

Items For sale

Here’s the place to sell all those unwanted parts and make some cash. someone out there is looking for what you have and everyone here is interested in the 3000gt/GTO cars and parts. Don’t forget to read the category rules before listing.

Items Wanted

We are all looking for something and here’s the place to find it. Just post a message telling us what you are looking for and see what turns up. If you have parts filling up your yard, why not look here to see if someone is looking for it.

Acknowledgements & Thanks

Please use this category if you want to publicly thank or give acknowledge to someone who has helped you in some way.

Show & Shine

We want to see your pride and joy. Post your pictures here for others to see and comment on. Constructive and complementary comments are encouraged but we will remove disrespectful or abusive posts.

Cars for Sale/Trade/PX

This area is for you to advertise your 3000gt, gto or stealth for sale or wanted. It is free to use but if you have a successful sale as a result of your listing, a small donation to the forum would be appreciated.
The forum does not give any assurances as to the quality of the vehicle being listed but we expect sellers to give a genuine and honest description along with lots of photos.


Make sure you let everyone know about any upcoming events, meets and shows . Make sure the event is directly linked to our cars or restoration of our cars.

Groups, Clubs & Forums

This space is for you to advertise and promote any club group or forums relating to the 3000gt family. It is completly free and activity encouraged so that we can encourage a more global and friendly community.

After Market Product Reviews

This category is for you to review an aftermarket part that you have personally used. This is so we all know which parts are available for our cars and their quality. You must have personally used the part in order write a review. Please do not tell us about something you heard or read about as you can’t verify its performance or quality.

Channel & Site Feedback

Discussion about the channel & site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Site information

A place for all Mitsubishi 3000GT, GTO and Dodge Stealth Enthusiasts alike. Where the sharing of knowledge and discussion is encouraged! This is also your chance to make your comments and open them up to further discussion.
The forum is completely free to all as long as you abide to our code of conduct.
It is not designed or expected to replace any other club or forum, in fact, we actively encourage the promotion of other clubs and forums on this site.