Urgennttt helpppp

I had screechingnoise when was steering to left or right I bought a second hands power steering pump but when I was trying to install I saw this loose wire I cannot find way supposed to be plugged in and its purpose

It goes on the end here. It is for the oil pressure sensor.


I plugged that in, couldnt change the pump, treied to adjust the tensioners and now engine rums like a tractor :frowning:

I just got the car looked at and im told the timing is off. The dots do are not alligned and i cant understand how i did that (by messing with the tensioners) the engine runs but runs really rough. I didnt drive it at all, just started it a few times. The mechanic suggested that i chamge the belt and the water pump. He doesnt think there is damage to the engine. Buttty, im very pessimistic :frowning: what is the likelihood of serious damage to the engine?

Dont run the engine untill those markers lign up

Do you think i already caused some damage by starting the engine a few times?

Depends how far out the timing is, you could have got lucky

Thats quite alot, might be worth getting an endoscope camera and putting it down the spark plug to see in to the chambers

I’d get a new belt and water pump if it hasn’t been done recently and give it a go . Unless it’s a mile out it should be ok, or reset the timing on existing belt and see how it runs, if alls good then full timing kit including pump.

I’m thinking about resetting the timing myself but kind of scared to do it. the issue is I approached a few mechanics and nobody wants to to work on it as they are all either busy or can’t be bothered or find it too difficult to work with.

Not sure what your ability level is but the cam belt video is being done next Sunday with the second competition winner. I will be explaining why cam belts sometimes slip.


i have a basic understanding of mechanics but never played with the time belt, i searched for videos but theyre all on replacement of timing belts. in order to reset timing do i have to follow pretty much same steps or less aggravation?

or do you think the AA or RAC would doit?

It is not super hard… You just need to give yourself good time and not rush it… If you wait for Joe´s video, then it will practically do it for you… Just follow what he does in the video and you will manage it :+1:

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you know what it is. i bought the car about 2 weeks ago and it was not in a good shape at all, 76k genuine miles but it had sat and collected dust for the past 6 years, paint was faded into orange and pink in various parts, everything looked a mess. Since then i took it on my drive, painted, changed wheels to great looking alloys, cleaned the colour matching red and black interior and the fact that its just sitting there is bugggginnnggg meeeee. i want to drive itttt nowww :frowning:

i also flushed the oil and coolant and carried out a full service on it so not just cosmetics :slight_smile:

Please forget re-setting the timing until you know why it is out. You may have got lucky this time but if it slips again, it could be total destruction. You won’t regret the extra wait when you go for the first drive.