Top of door/window weather seal

Hi. I have a 1992 non turbo and like many the weather seal that runs along the top of the door is falling apart. Does anybody know where I can get replacements. Thanks.

They are still available from mitsubishi buddy. Just pop along to your local dealer and place an order.

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are they still about £200 each side as the Mitzi man quoted me last year?

They are $150 plus shipping and taxes from the states, so you can expect around that price you got quoted

If you can wait till after lock down ends, I will be able to get them for less. I have to pick them up in person to get them cheaper as most of the cost is shipping and taxes.


just repaired mine with liquid rubber but looks crap. So let me know before you go.

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Yes as things stand at the moment I would be very interested. I’m trying to get some bits and pieces up together and get some work done on it before a respray so not in any rush.

I tried to repair mine with duck tape. Looks rubbish.

One guy said he used body filler and sanded it back then sprayed it black. If he is on here would be nice to see if it lasted and didn’t scrape glass

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Hey Joe, it’s Mark from Alberta Canada. I’ve been a regular on your YouTube channel lately, and I’m definitely interested in acquiring at least one of those window mouldings if you can get them cheaper. The price of them is literally criminal for them, even used ones. About how much cheaper do you think you can sell them for, because if it is worth it I will wait until then.
Thanks in advance Joe, glad the forum is up and gaining daily mate

Dont think they were ever 200 quid each. Last time I enquired they were bout 100 a side from rob or Mitsubishi.

Local Mitsubishi main agent was Few quid under 200 including VATand could only find a passenger side in stock he could order and deliver in 7 days. That was late last year. Second hand ones (when offered) were 70 - 100+.and most of them “has minor split” as the comment. 100 for a good one would be excellent, so hopefully Joe can sort a good deal.

I would definitely be interested in a set also
Finger crossed Joe can sort

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you can get them for about $100, I just bought a pair

Hi Mike
I wish we could be as lucky as you guys in the States. You have so much more on offer to you and at much better prices. In the UK we get ripped off by Mitsubishi, Dealers or both. I am well aware that you can get these cheaper on your side of the pond but we then have to pay ridiculous amounts of shipping fees and then we get screwed by the tax man for import fees. The extra charges will double the cost for us. My plan was to fly to the States and fill my bags with them and bring them back without telling the tax man but keep that to yourself. HaHa


Like your style Joe lol.


And I think in Canada its worst! We order from US, with money exchange, customs, taxes, shipping and fees that shipping companies add to pass customs, its very crazy. Weather strips per example can costs here around 500 can$ for both! So I am trying to fix them and the top rear glass molding. For the glass rubbers, mine are still there, but leaking. Want to try to insert a foam insideto expand them again, do you think could be possible?

If you look at the top 90% corner, you will see where it appears to have been repaired. This is where mitsubishi put foam inside to pack it out. I have had some success with putting a longer strip of foam in, but be very careful. The rubber is neoprene and it is now getting old. It tears very easily.
I have found the manufacturer for the weather strips and I can buy them for $36 each plus shipping but there is a massive MOQ so I am not prepared to order until the product is permanently discontinued by mitsubishi.

I removed mine which were not too bad and thought about refurbishing them but broke down and bought two strips after watching Joe’s video. I am refurbishing my old ones, I taped off the backside and used black wrinkle paint to spray the front. I do not know how long they will hold up but they look good.
I could have used plasti dip as some suggested but I am just a risk taker I suppose. When finished I’ll post and take best offer.

How does the postal work there. If you receive a package they cannot tax I suppose. maybe I can trey to send to you.