Thought I would be the first to show

As the founder of this forum, I thought I should be the first to post some pictures of my pride and joy. I purchased this beautiful 1991 3000GT SL in Missouri and still have it to this day. Now it’s time to show yours.


Awesome car you got their bud!

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Here is my ‘92 GTO I’ve imported from Japan to Cape Breton, in Canada last year. She’s automatic so not as cool as a lot of the cars that will be here but I still love her and enjoy every minute of driving it.

She is fully stock for now. Got lots of plans on my head!


Here is my diamond in the rough
Built it 2 years ago it is a late 92 mk1 body with a erly 92 front subframe , suspension , gearbox and a late 91 engine
Shes not the prettiest on but shes still is the family’s pride and joy


I wish mine was picture worthy right now, but I’m currently doing a major overhaul, just finished repairing the dash board per video recommendations :wink:


Here is my almost factory stock 1991 VR4 with 123000 km/76000 miles on. I purchased personally from a real gentleman in Tokyo, and he was the only owner of it prior to me (He even gave me the original registration sheet)
I am right now in the process of repainting it, just to make sure there wont be any surprises that will catch me out in the next many years, and Joe´s how to videos have been a huge help with disassembly of the various panels/parts


I’ve owned my 1993 GTO TT since 2001( first owner in UK ) and still going strong to date IMG_20190819_165519961_HDR - Copy - Copy


What are those exhausts you have on yours??

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Custom 3"inch stainless steel, tips a bit bigger I had to trim the bumper arch a little to fit.

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Love the rear lights mate!! Car looks sweet😊



Usually that would be bmw parking but anyone whos tried getting out one of these knows the ‘issue’

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This is mine. I got it a couple weeks ago, but really I’ve known it all its life. It belonged to my dad but I bought it off him. I learned to drive in this thing!!


Terrible calling this masterpiece " thing " :smile:

Here’s my 97 GTO MR. Got only 56k kilometers on the dash. She has gone through a few cosmetic changes over the years. Am presently in the process of a 500awhp upgrade. I love this forgotten Japanese Samurai.


Nice looking car in best color :+1:

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Best colour after passion red

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Took this a couple of years ago, must get more.


Here is some pictures of My VR4. Had it since 2010.
Next week a New Tanabe exhaust and downpipe Will be installed.


Hi Spursman
Welcome to the forum. Great looking car. Not many around these days that have been looked after.