Sunroof problems

I own a 1996 mitsubishi 3000gt base model and I seem to be having quite some trouble right now. Apparently my sunroof is an aftermarket one that was a dealer option when the car was brand new many years ago. I have never seen this type of sunroof on any other 3000gt and I cannot find any info online about this sunroof. I have seen this sunroof fitted on a few other cars though such as a bmw. Currently it wont open and I suspect the motor is dead because it did sound like it was dying slowly. I was told by the dealer to check the fuse though I have no clue where the fuse for it is located. I also do not know how to go about fixing it since I cant seem to find anything online about this sunroof. Has anyone ever seen this sunroof before?

This is what it looks like above, I stole this picture from another site off another car but mine is exactly the same.

does it open and slide back?

The sunroof wont open at all and when it does open it only cracks open from the back. It wont slide back and makes a loud grinding noise if i press the button to continue opening it. I cannot find any information online on how to fix this type of sunroof or open it.

Have you tried giving it a helping hand whilst pressing the button ? It doesn’t sound like a fuse if you can hear it grinding. The sekurit name refers to the glazing specialists. The code on the glass is used by several car makers inc Renault, Audi, Volvo,BMW etc

I have not tried to force anything because I am afraid if it gets stuck open then I am screwed. The fuse is fine, I managed to find it and the fuse was good. Sunroof cracked open today but would not go backwards. Pretty stuck as opposed to where to go from here with it.

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I have a UK 3000gt with electric sun roof .is it the same as I have a manual with info about it ?

can you send a picture of it?

Is yours glass or painted?

nope its not painted

OK mine is same as car color…but will take some pics of inside and out for you in morning …and send some info of the manual that explains how to take apart

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Ill take some pictures of mine as well to show a better view. But from everything Ive read online, this is some sort of aftermarket dealer option sunroof that was only offered in certain areas.

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Hmm very interesting. Your interior looks different than mine as well as where the switch goes. Ill take some pics for you once it stops raining here. I think yours might be slightly different than mine.

Uploading: Service-Manual-3000GT-1996-European-Chassis-Supplement (1).pdf…

On the 3sx
.com website ther are downloads for different cars and there is whole section on 96 supplement cars with sunroof diagrams .tried to send but file to big for forum …looks like you can wind open with Allen key .

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Ill have to check a look, thanks

If it cracks open you maybe able to spray some releasing fluid (wd40 or plusgas) into the mechanism and linkages. Might free it open and make it easier work for the motor. It’s probably seized.

So i managed to crack it open and also took some more pictures.

I took a video as well on me trying to open it fully but it wont let me post it for some reason