Snake eye lenses for sale

I have for sale a limited number of replacement snake eye lenses. I am only selling the replacement lenses and not the complete light units. I will ship world wide. The lenses come with all adhesives required for fitting. They are available in original grey border or clear for you to custom spray.

Check out the youtube video for fitting instructions.
The price is £75 inc post for mainland UK. Add £15 for shipping to the rest of the world.
Members of this forum can get discount price in the “Joes Gems section”
Please contact me by private message for payment options in your country.


Hi Joe, I’d like to purchase a few sets, I can’t seem to private message for some reason. Thanks!

Click on username Joe90

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Hi Joe, I would like to purchase a passenger side only Snake Eye with original gray color border. shipping to USA - ZIP code 80453?

I am unable to message you for reasons unknown when I click on your name?

Hi Herbert
Buying just the one is fine but a false economy. A large portion of the cost is shipping to the States. I also supply a tube of adhesive which can’t be halved so you still pay for the full tube. Please also consider the age of your remaining good lens, the grey area may have faded and look odd compared to a new one.
A single lens would be $70 and a pair is $90 Inc shipping.
The choice is entirely yours but I thought this information would help.

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Hi Joe, I’d like to purchase a set of these and have them shipped to the States but I can’t see where to message you. I click on your user name and don’t see anywhere to message you. Thanks. John.

Hi John
I am very sorry but they are all gone now. I may get some more next year if the demand is high enough but the minimum order is 1000 sets so I don’t want to order yet. If you are desperate, I have a couple of sets that have slight defects. I was going to use them myself but don’t mind selling a set to help you out.

Thanks for the fast response Joe. Not exactly sure what the slight defects are but as long as there are no major scratches, bubbles or cracks I’ll take a set if you really don’t mind. I guess they can’t be that bad if you were going to use them. Thanks again.

Sorry for the slow reply. I really am up to my neck with work at the moment. I will dig out a set for you as soon as I get 5 minutes and get back to you. Thank you for your patience.