Rev counter problems

Morning all chris here I have a 1990 Gto twin turbo and my rev counter don’t work do anyone know any common faults or any idea what it could be many thanks chris

Hi Chris, I have the same problem on my 1990 t/t, been informed it was the PTU, changed it and it’s still doesn’t work now been told its the capicitors behind clocks??

Defo the caps. Changed on mine - works like new.

Even if by slim chance they’not the culprit - sooner of later (and rather sooner given the age of our cars) but inevetably they’ll fail.

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Thanks for advice :blush:
Where did you get yours from and what are they called please

Off ebay. Called electrolytic capacitors. You’ll neeed 2 10uF 25v

Check out this thread

Thank you everyone all done and works fine thanks for all the advice much appreciated :blush::blush: