Rear Sub Frame Strip down

Thought i’d share a current pic of my rear subframe as is. I started stripping it yesterday and already see an issue, Apart from having to replace all ball joints bushings and the wheel bearings. There seems to be a plastic bung with silicone where I presume should be a metal plug of sorts where the Transmission oil goes in. ( Someone might confirm that for me please ).
When I complete the strip down I’ll send the entire assembly to be sand blasted and powder coated before I replace all the serviceable parts. If anyone has undertaken this before or if there are pitfalls that I am not aware of, please do let me know, otherwise I will muddle through as best that I can.

BTW I would be the typical DIY man that Joe would refer too in his Videos, I am not a mechanic and believe me when I say that without Joe’s videos I would Not be undertaking these jobs by myself.


I think thats the diff breather

Oh Really ? OK that’s interesting, That little metal cap which is just sitting on top of the breather is really badly corroded, I’ll have to source something else a little more secure, As i’m surprised it didn’t just fall off over time. Thanks mate

The rubber bung should be there but I don’t recall seeing silicone around it before.
There is a huge problem with what you are about to do if you are planning on powder coat.
The main mounting bushes will need to be cut out and I don’t know of any replacement available. Unless you can find someone with a stock of the large bushes, I would consider sand blasting and then spraying. This way, you won’t have to remove the bushes and if you use a high build primer, you won’t see all the rust pits that will be visible after sand blasting and powder coating.

:roll_eyes: mmmmm Yes that does change things a bit, It’s just as well I didn’t go tearing them out.
Primer and paint works for me. Might go with a coat of stone chip over them too just to be sure.
Cheers guys.

What Joe says is correct when referring to the original Mitsubishi rear subframe bushings. You can get aftermarket poly bushes for the rear subframe- but do check the requirements as some aftermarket bushes require you to leave in the original metal bush outside ring - so you need to burn out the original bush.

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Amayama rear diff page comes up with this part
Genuine Mitsubishi (MB393530)

Ok thanks, it looks like ill have alot of searching to do so, as the outer rings of those bushings are some what corroded too. I think it best that i make a shopping list first before I pull anything else apart.
Thanks guys for all your help, much appreciated.
Oh i just see that now Bob, thanks a lot, I’ll add that breather to my list, cheers

If there is enough demand, I will get the bushes made to original spec but I am guessing that not many people will want to do this job and the minimum order is 500 pieces.

That would be great Joe, however, As you said i dont think that many people would avail of the offer and you’d be left with them, especially if poly bushes are available as a last alternative.
I’ll trawel the web and see what I can find. I’m always of the belief that some make or model car out there has the exact same size bushings. I just have to find them.

Great work, this shall be my next upcoming project

These do the full kit in polyurethane

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Hi Jerry, thanks for this, I’ve had a look at those, They do look like a great upgrade for the price. I’m a bit cautious though about buying unless i’m absolutely positive that they will fit my car. There is limited information. I tend to buy OEM parts with the MB product numbers for peace of mind knowing that the part will definitely fit. That said, I have a set of Brake Pads in the shed that I bought that don’t … Rookie mistake, don’t ask !!

I wonder if anyone else on the forum has purchased a set of those Poly bushes and are they happy that all the bushes fit perfectly ?

Fit perfectly- the rear of the car is done with all of these.

For the front you need to define if your car is a mk1 or mk2 as the rear control arm bush is different.


Wow ok, That certainly is good news and less worry. I think i’m sold on those so. Cheers :+1:

I got a set aswell fit perfectly.i used a 30t press to remove old ones but you can cut and burn to remove them old ones out.

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Great stuff Jerry thanks. That strip down nearly killed me. She fought me every inch of the way. I ended up having to cut some bolts as even with heat and a pry bar, they wouldn’t budge. OMG the weight of that Rear Diff, it weighs a tonne. Soldier on …



It’s a job! but I did it:)


Wow thats impressive, looks fab, are they all new brake and steering lines ? Looks like you replaced all the arms ?
Alas i will be refurbishing mine

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