Rear brake dust shield

Hey guys.

In my restoration proj I am now diving into the rear end, so will be posting lots of questions :wink: but for now, my dust shields on the rear brakes have seen better days. Especially the outer part (the internal plate that holds the ebrake fixtures is more or less).

Thus I have been thinking if it is possible these days to get hold of a set of new shields (google shows only a place in the States but it’ll cost an arm and a leg to ship over) or maybe someone has got a good used set laying around?

Or what were your solutions if you tackled this problem?

I know some just cut the outer surrounding off and call it a day but I’d rather not and stay original.image

Hi Vince
I think that many of us are having this issue now.
This dust cover fell off and then started to crumble into pieces.

I could not find any replacements myself so there was only one option open to me.
I spent a fortune on machinery to replicate the original parts.
Early production parts are now starting to be finalised but it will probably be 3 or 4 months before I get round to perfect copies.

I plan on doing just the dust cover first because they are very easy to change over and work out much cheaper.
There are a number of different sizes so I will do all of them and then do a video to show fitting.

This is the final product that I hope to achieve.

Every dust cover and backing plate requires a separate high pressure press die and they take a long time to make so as with everything else, please be patient.
It is worth the hard work if you want perfection.


That’s a great effort !

I am definitely signing up for those… Need, need, neeeeed :point_up:

Really impressive stuff Joe! Press tooling doesn’t come cheap :grimacing:

Thank you Joe for your reply.

Wow, that looks fantastic! With just the dust - do you plan it be to srewable on the backing plate or spot welding will be required? However probs best to get both together, not sure how nicely the backing plate would clean up. Will be definitely worth the wait. I am in!

By any chance, do you have any plans for the front dust shields? Tho I have managed to clean them up fairly nicely but nothing can compare with new shiny parts :slight_smile:

Many thanks again

Fantastic news that these will be available, for 297mm rear discs hopefully this summer Joe?

The rear dust shield will be as from the factory so you can spot weld it. I have a industrial spot welder now so I can spot weld them for you for free if you want.
In the video, I will also show how to mig weld them or rivet for those without any welding facilities. They are welded in 8 places so 8 rivets will be more than sufficient to hold.
Front plates will take much longer because they require much more tooling and my fund’s are limited.


Any update on the covers Joe?

I wish there was. I have had a bad couple of years and so much has been put on the back shelf.
They have not been forgotten but may not happen this year I’m afraid.


I’ve had a few sets made by local talented fabricator, for myself and sold a couple more. They aren’t particularly cheap at £250 a pair, but the original cores are used as they tend to be solid even when the rest of the shield has perished.

It’s not a job for the faint hearted as the whole axle has to be stripped along with the handbrake mechanism, which can be a terrible job if there is a lot of corrosion.



I am very VERY worried about the scenario with the rust and handbrake mechanism… It is a friggin can of worms if you start on it and it turns out to be an absolute nightmare :face_with_peeking_eye:

im just doing full rear subframe take off rust proof …my shields looked ok untill i took off the trailing arms …real bad .so will have to replace …

Do you have any for sale? I am gathering parts for this winters subframe refurb. I tried to source from the US but no good but I do have a set of very good cores.

I’ve sent you a message to discuss.

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