Brake guard plates (or what they are called in english)

Hello folks

I am not sure what these items are called, so I will ask for some help here so I can get the correct names of them, and if they even can be sourced…

It is those guard plates that sit inside of the brake discs… What is the english name for them??
Can they be sourced as mine are starting to show rust on them, and they are so paper thin, so im guessing they are hopeless to rescue…

What purpose do they actually serve besides being a muck/dirt guard??

They are literally just a dust shield. I ditched mine years ago and never looked back.


I think those are the ones at the front… My rear ones are the real issue as rust has gotten into them, and I cant seem to find any info about if they can be sourced or if they just can be all togeather scrapped

We had a discussion on this a while back.

Hope Joe’s got something in the works… he ‘s the only hope

Lots of ppl tho seem to perefer to just remove them.