Rear Active Aero Working Parts

For info if needed, here is the inside workings of the rear active aero. Again, easy for it to seize up and stop working but very easy to strip, clean and put back to last another 20 years. This is a spare that I have refurbed before storing. There is someone on ebay that sells the three gaskets needed which I got and they seem very good and comparable with the originals.


Recorded for future reference with joe’s video . Thanks for sharing.


Hi there:

I am interested as I am about to take mine apart on my '94 VR4 in a few weeks. Are there any Active Aero parts on the front of the vehicle?


I did a bit on the forum here. I think this should take you there?

Very cool! Thanks for posting the pics. I’ve had mine apart a couple of times and am ready for new side gaskets. Do you have the ebay link for those?

Just seen this. Ill send it later