Front Active Aero Setup

Just for interest, but I found it very hard to get hold of images to show the front active aero setup before I decided to strip it down and refurb. I have just done mine so here are some images that might anyone looking to do the same.
The active aero parts were green passivate but they were in a single box of bolts and other brackets to get BZP so I got them all done at the same time. The green has to be strung individually in the vat but the yellow and bright zinc can be done in a drum together. DDGs latest BZP is 120 hrs, the yellow is 140 but the green is around 200 for corrosion resistance but twice as expensive due to labour. This is fine for now but I will get them green in the future now I know how easy they are to strip.

This is the position they need to be in when fitting back on the car. I made a small alignment mark with the first small bracket connected to the motor spline to make sure it went back in the correct location.

Plenty of copper slip and it is smooth as you like. The two riser blocks are apparently latter uk 300GT mods so dont worry if yours does not have them.
(Did you spot the mistake? The angled tray stiffeners along the front of the tray are upside down. I had to take them of and put them the right way up, Doh!)


That’s awesome Bob just wish I had a decent active aero tray to fit on mine, which is damn near impossible to find, and also mine had the 2 separate side trays with it being a 98 3000gt

This is a 98 UK GT as well Sonic, The outer fixing holes on each side part has come away so i need to do a ‘job’ on it. I like the idea of making a mould from them and making a new one but thats for the winter.

This was as it came of the car

Thanks for the Pics. I need to do mine and, like everyone else, try to find a decent replacement.

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Where you get the kit from?

Its not a kit, its all the original parts. The brackets were stripped down and re zinc coated. The nylon washers were still in good nick but the long top and bottom steel support bars were cleaned with acid then treated and and painted.