Popup headlight pivot arm

Hey guys, I know this is probably going to be a fools errand, but would anyone know where I might find the nylon / plastic socket that attaches to the pivot arm see pictures attached, or perhaps knows of an engineering firm that could fabricate this part.
This would explain why only one headlight would pop up.
Or if anyone has this part and would like to sell it, please let me know,

Those bushings are now starting to cause some of us problems, so it would be nice to see if they could be sourced from somewhere, or even better remanufactured

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I may have a solution to this, I’ll come back to you at a later date,

Hey Johan, So I found these ball sockets on line. They’re threaded inside so I purchased a threaded bar and cut it to size. Added two lock nuts greased the inside and connected to both ball joints.

There’s a pin that needs to be inserted after placing on the ball joint.

Touch of black paint and job done.

One done, one to go.


A big thank you to Marlowboy for the bezel inserts, as mine were rust eaten, and without I would have been up the creek without a perverbial paddle. Cheers mate.

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Ohh if anyone is looking for these, the ball socket size is 13mm,

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That looks like a GREAT alternative… Have you tried them and they function like original?? How about the inside of those sockets, how to deal with corrosion and other tings that can jam the operation of them??

Haven’t put them back on the car yet, will let you know but I don’t foresee a problem.
They are platted so shouldn’t rust, also I filled the socket hole with grease before pushing it home,

Thanks for the tip. I’m in the middle of doing the same job and the parts are on order. I’ve gone for M6 fittings and rod - just to reduce the weight a little. A couple of questions, my 93 3000gt has slightly different lamps Q1 what spec are the ones in your picture? There is a small spring that attaches to the headlamp pitch adjustment. Mine are completely rotten. Q2. Have you replaced yours? If so, what did you use.

Once again thanks for a great workaround.

Hi Gatepark, My head lamp is from a 1993 GTO AWD AWS Non-Turbo. The spring is the only item holding up the restoration of my Headlamps.
I imagine the spring (see below) is the same as yours. Mine too are corroded and after much searching of spring manufacturers and discussions of torsion, I think I have found somewhere that can replace them for me. But instead of sending them my corroded spring ( I might not get it back), I’m going to drive down to them and try to buy over the counter. If they have a replacement with correct length and torsion, I will pick up a dozen just in case someone else has the same issue. i’ll come back to you.

It would deffo be valuable for us all to get info on where we could get that new spring from as many are probably corroded away or are very close to :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will definitely get a few of them if they’re suitable, keep us updated.


I was still curious to see whether the original plastic (nylon?) bushes were available anywhere. So after a few hours of searching the web it turns out the same type of part is used on a lot of cars for the wiper mechanism linkage. Here’s one that is used on Honda’s that looks almost identical.
Honda don’t sell the repair kit though - they only sell the complete arms!!! However a company called Dorman sell a range of repair kits for different cars. It may now be a case of find which of their kits would be a workable replacement for our cars. I’ll try to get in touch with them to see if they make anything that fits the bill. I suspect they could be £15-ish so not a cheap fix. In addition to Pken’s original solution it seems that if your linkage isn’t too far gone you may also be able to reinforce rateh than replace your original bush using a clip like this. Hope this gives you some ideas on ways to solve the problem.

OK so I found a Company that could manufacture an exact replica of the springs on the Pop up head lights, However, And here was the kicker. They would only manufacture a minimum of 20 springs at a time, (To a whopping cost of nearly 200 Euro) I fully understand now the problems that Joe is having when trying to find Companies to replicate obsolete parts for our cars.
Anyway I had no choice but to order and pay for them as mine were completely rusted through.
The replacements are the exact torsion, length and diameter. If anyone needs a pair, i’ll send them out to you, I’m really really sorry about the price guys, It’s a whopping €20 a pair, :grimacing: There is very little to no weight so I would imagine postage would be very minimal, If that’s any consolation at all. Again sorry !


Sweet lord that is expensive, but as you say, those are the issues Joe is facing, so hats of to you and him for doing this… There is no problem shipping 2 of those in an bubble envelope if I would like to order a pair, right??

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Hey Johan, yeah I thought they would be maybe about 2 euro each. I suppose that’s the cost of manufacturing something specific to order, and I can understand why they will only do batches.
No problem sending you a pair when you need them mate.

I’m not familiar with overseas currency but I’d tend to think that 200 euros is fair to have your headlights working properly and I’m sure you’ll manage to recoup some of that outlay.

Hey Angela, Yeah I guess you’re right, I’m delighted how they came out, And I must thank MarlowBoy for the replacement circular bezels as you can see mine where beyond repair.


Hi Peter.
Do you still have a spare pair of springs? Would like to buy. Let me know. Thanks

Just seen your “ thank you” glad they worked for you!