Photos of your engine bays

I get good ideas from photos of engine bays, mine is far from where I would like but it is still fun. I keep all original parts if I want to go back to factory look.



WOW! Looks great. What did you do for vacuum lines on firewall?




I like Spursman air filter and yours , do they perform differently?

That’s probbaly a very debateable question, they probably add a couple bhp but in my case the stock and the K&K made a very small difference if at all. But mine is NA. On a twin turbo it may be a different story tho… what’s fot sure is that they do look cool :slight_smile:

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I watched Joes video with you car and spark plugs. A great video and ir truly helps with seeing the process step by step. It might be fundamental for many but for me it gives great confidence.
You engine bay is well kept and clean. I try to keep mine clean as well. Now with seeing the phylum removes I can clean deeper If wasn’t your engine bay they are similar but either way great job with yours

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Thanks Mike but the job was done on Lee’s car not on mine ! :smile:

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If You don’t mind guys a bit of advise to everybody for safety reasons , looking at Lee’s and Vince’s engine bays I can see that they don’t have the correct batteries.
The correct battery should have the terminals on the other side ( to towards the intake pipe ), due to the structure of the bonnet the terminals on Lee’s and Vince’s car are too close to the bonnet and can easily cause fire in the event of an accident or if the battery is not securely tied.



Yes I realized that after I sent it but I know the car in the video just a screw up with sending :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yup, the battery is wong I know… the bonnet is lined with a felt like material so kinda lessens the hazzardness but I am in the market already for a new one, especially since I got a new oem battery bracket.
Qustion guys if I may - what exact dimensions is the original battery? Online sites are no use as looking up by the car they bring up some batteries but upong checking their exact specs the dimensions vary by thaaaaat much :slight_smile: don’t trust those searches.

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I have just paid for a new battery but am picking it up at the weekend. Will see what difference it is to the current one I have on.

I can see @Brillo and I using Varta blue Dynamic E24 Varta Blue Dynamic Car Battery 12V 70Ah (570413063) (069 071 072) been using it for years and I recommend it !

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Hi Lee

I have been looking at your engine bay (as you do) and have noticed that you appear to have ABS and ESC, my car is also a SR but the Spec is as follows : Normally Aspirated, No ABS, No 4WS, No Passenger Airbag, No ESC, from what I had read so far I thought the SR spec was as mine was built, have you looked into the factory spec for your car at all

I would be interested to know the spec of your car

Incidentally that is a very attractive car you have there

Best Regards


Hi Marc,

Thanks for your comment, is your car silver or white? - I can’t quite tell from the image. I think these 2 colours suit the MK3 the best!

Yes mine is a 1998 SR - I just took the Mitsubishi and SR badge off as they started looking a bit tatty.

I have ABS (although I want to get rid of it as I keep getting a warning light showing up). I also have ESC witch works great.

I don’t have 4WS or Cruise control.

I do have a passenger airbag though. I didn’t have one on a N/A auto (not an SR) on my previous 1997 GTO though.

It did have air con originally but I took all parts out as I never use it and to lessen the overall weight.

I got the car weighed last year at a weight bridge and it weighed 1480Kg - which isn’t too bad.

I think the SR car must have had options when it was built maybe?

thanks, Lee

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Hi Lee

Thanks for replying Mine is White, and yes presumably there must have been a option list when ordering a SR in Japan. I was just lead to believe that the SR was the lightweight version without all the whistles and bells, seems to defeat the object if you could option in all the other bits.

I assume that the person ordering mine from new was on a budget, a pity they did not option the ECS as I would of liked that, mine just has normal fixed Gas shocks from a MR.

I am not overly concerned about the 4WS and the ABS being missing 1480kg is light for one of these and I would think you can feel the difference in performance, to be honest I think the NA is still a reasonably quick car even though the TT guys think its for hairdressers

Best Regards


Hi Marc, Yeah ESC is a nice feature - although in sport mode the ride is VERY harsh for most roads - Im guessing on a track it would be best to use.

I agree with you, performance wise its great - it handles fantastic and it feels powerful and fast. I get its not twin turbo performance but Im more than happy with mine.