New to the group!

Hi everyone, I have wanted a GTO VR4 for years and finally bit the bullet last week. I’m based in Ireland and bought a 91 TT. Its in pretty good nick but needs a few bits as they all do. I need the new snake eye lens and full front aero if anyone wants to sell them. I also need the climate control unit refurbished :slight_smile:

Joe, your videos are amazing and thank you for the detail. I have never seen more comprehensive guides.

Feel free to say hi and if you are in Ireland, we can meet up for a spin.
Looking forward to being part of the community.

Hope this post is in the right place.

Thanks everyone


Hi Mike
Welcome to the forum and for introducing yourself. It is always nice to see a new owner. There are lots of other owners in Ireland on this forum so I hope they will make contact with you and maybe meet up.
I will send you a private message regarding the snake eyes and display but I don’t fancy your chances of getting a active aero right now. Aftermarket ones will be available eventually.


Thanks Joe, I appreciate the response. Great to have you as a contact. Once you send me the message, I will follow up there.

I am open to any/all suggestions.

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Welcome Mike,
Looks a nice car, the black touches look good as well, complements the moustache.



Hi and welcome, I too hail from the emerald isle, north coast to be precise. That’s a good looking motor, like the black touches. What part of Ireland you from?


Welcome Mike.

Hope you have fun with your car!!


are you sure that steering wheel isnt upside down. Why does that look so odd to me

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Hi bud i have red gto 3000 vr4 . i was going to paint front shock covers black and now i have seen yours i look good .

well done

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Hi mate, good to meet you. I am based in Tipperary. At some point I think we should all meet in Dublin or somewhere. Nice to get as many together as possible.

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Probably just on lock in the picture!

Thanks mate, I have the spoiler black too.

I have spare parts for the aero
Let me know what you need

Hi Mike, great to see another 3000 survive, great looking car. My GTO is currently stripped right back to fight rust, but hopefully on the road for 2022/23. Would be great to group Irish owners together for a day out or trip over to join these guys in the UK.


Cheers mate, thanks
Yeah, I think that is a great idea. Have you any pictures of your work in progress?
If you have any spare foglights/aero send them my way :rofl:

Hey Mike, can’t seem to post pics anymore, The icon is not on my toolbar, if it comes back I’ll send you a pic of current state.

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the group.

The climate control is rather easy to service if your hand is steady enough with a soldering iron and some 25 cent electronic components. I found a YouTube video on how to do it some years back when i was trying to restore mine, the digital display was too dim to see during daylight. Turned out the pice i needed (ordered from was only 25 cents. Soldered it right in and display works like new.

I’m afraid I would have to disagree with the display being easy to repair. You will get the odd one that is a quick capacitor change but the older the units get, the more complex the faults are becoming. I am now seeing very obscure faults like resistors changing value and micro fractures in circuit tracks that can only been seen with very high power magnification. The plate through holes are also separating and only the very best service engineers can find these faults. While some people are lucky with the fault, many more end up destroying the display unit and I would never encourage anyone to do their own repairs unless they have the right skills. Please remember that these units are no longer available and once damaged, they are lost forever.

Hello all, always good to find people interested in keep this amazing car, alive and kicking!!!
I’m Jonas from Sao Paulo Brazil, I find Joe while searching how to remove the dashboard over the internet. It’s explanation gave me the impulse I needed to do it, and just like the many others I couldn’t list.

I have at the moment a 3000GT VR4 1992 yellow (painted by previous owner) and 1995 red.
Working on them now.


Welcome to the forum. Nice cars and nice work area.

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Thanks!!! :slightly_smiling_face:
The 1st Gen had an aftermarket injection, but very poorly installed, i had to take everything apart and rewire properly. I’m trying to keep in boxes everything thatnwould be needed to revert to original.
The 2nd Gen is quite standard, few repairs but, its easier to fix. Well, let’s keep on moving.