New screen trim

Is there anyone in the UK having a new screen fitted soon.
I understand that the top trim is no longer available and rarely is the old trim re-usable so I had some made. I have had it made from epdm rubber rather than the original plastic so that it is longer lasting and easier to fit and re-fit. If you are in the UK and would like to review this product, I will send you a free sample on the condition that it is professionally fitted and you do a genuine review of the product.
The picture shows the original trim at the top and the epdm version at the bottom.


Hi Joe,

Looks good but as an FYI I got one today an original Mitsubishi part from Mitsubishi as I’m planning for the future on my car.

That said it’s still a good idea to have an alternative supplier :+1:


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Thanks for letting me know James. Not sure what mitsubishi is up to. One day they say it’s discontinued and then a year later it’s on the shelf again. Out of curiosity, how much was it?

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Around the £30 mark :+1:

Apparently this is what people are seeing - I also hear door weather strips are available again although I can’t confirm this.

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One trim that is definitely out of production is the MK2 onwards metal sunroof seal - I have a broken one if you want to ask your man about re-production of it.

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Could you please supply the link that you got the seal from? I checked a couple here in the US, they are out of stock. Thanks

I don’t think that this will be cost effective for me James. The minimum order is 500m or 500 pieces. If it is a single strip with no corners, there is also a £300 mould fee. If it has corners, there is a separate fee for each type of corner. Then you have a assembly cost.
I would estimate the initial outlay would be in the order of £3000 and I don’t think there is a big enough market for me to get my money back.
If you have a spare one laying around, I can get a price for it if you like.

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To be fair Joe I agree with you - i don’t think there would be enough demand in the UK - I do see people in the US asking about them a bit as well - however the chances of selling 500 is pretty low.

Hi joe these are still available from Mitsubishi for £20 as I picked one up myself a few weeks ago just incase you weren’t aware

Apparently so. They were discontinued and now they are back. Just wasted a load of money for nothing. It looks like a number of other parts are also back on the shelf too.

I know some Mitsubishi’s in America sell the weatherstrips but they won’t post to the U.K. maybe if you had some sources over there that would be a good call

Hope reverse gear is one of them! :rofl:

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Weatherstrips ? What might these be

The rubber strip that sits on top of the door.

This is the trim above the windshield I think lol

Hi Joe, How much for two of these, with post to the U.S. to Kansas City, Missouri?

Hi Ryan
Did you see the other messages in this post. Apparently, this part is available again from mitsubishi and it is very cheap. Please let me know if you are still interested in the one that I have and I will get a shipping price.

Im in need of them ! Wonder if someone knows where/who is selling new ones in the US and i could get them sent to the UK

The company is called mitsubishi. They have shops in every country. Haha