GTO Rear Steering Rack

Hey guys, need a little advice on this. I’m revamping my rear steering rack. When I took the boot off, red steering fluid poured out. I was expecting to be just grease in there and not steering fluid. Could it be that a seal inside has failed and is allowing the steering fluid out of the shaft ? Or is this the way the rear steering works somehow ?
Any help graciously appreciated.

i would say the seal has leaked and both sides need replacing

Thanks for that, I was afraid someone was going to say that. :confused:
Every project on my car ends up with a shopping list of pieces that are near impossible to get.
I can’t even find on the web what kind of seals they are never mind sourcing them.

So in uk you have to send to a guy who refurbs them …cost about £300 including postage …but with the right , maybe hand made tool you should be able to unscrew one end and take apart …i never have seen the seals for sale but im sure they are just a certain size rubber o-ring…maybe find a place to refurb them where you are? Good luck

Cheers mate, Maybe someone on this forum has had one of these dismantled before and steer me in the right direction, No pun intended !! :laughing:

Just send your rack to Western Power Steering let them refurb it for you.

That would cost a small fortune with shipping by weight. Im not sure about the seals. how does the steering rack work ?,
I assume its hydraulic i could be wrong. But there are bleed feed holes right through to allow fluid come through. Not sure how that can be because it would allow fluid inside the protective boot. But at the same time it looks like theyre meant to be there. Anybody any ideas ?

Those are not drain holes…this is for a tool to fit in to unscrew that part from main body…tool like a grinder wheel tool

I know what you mean, The holes the blue arrow is pointing at is for loosening the cap end, But these two in red are linked, I can blow right through them, and the fluid as far as I can tell flows down through the centre bore.

Steering End

Where the track rod unscrews …red arrow on right …is there a hole going in to steerring rack or is it blanked off .cant remember

Your going to make me take my spare one apart now as im intrested to find out

Yeah its open all the way through, Looks like a hollow shaft, I’ve looked at the manual and the centre bore also moves slightly in and out to move the steering track rod ends and is set to a specific resistance.
I have looked online and can’t find any information or anyone who has stripped one of these. If I make a bags of this, I will have no option but to delete the rear steering and don’t really want to do that.
I will keep looking for an outfit over here that may refurbish Steering racks.

Hi Guys, I took the liberty of taking some photos as I went along while restoring my rear Steering rack just in case anyone wants to do the same as I couldn’t find anything on the Web.

Here is my very rusty and leaky steering rack. As in the above thread the steering fluid had passed the seals and was filling up the protective boot contaminating the grease.

Note: Only one end unscrews, The shaft then slide right out of the end with the barrel.

This shows the locations of the Seals, outer and Inner and the layout inside of the barrel.

I couldn’t find an outlet which provided these type of flat type seals, but luckily Allyseals gave me the location of an Engineering which could make them. I left the shaft in with them and they duplicated the old seal. I had to pay extra to have it fitted as he explained there is a specific tool used to put these on without damage as the seal has to be heated up first and then cools in place.




Hope this helps someone.


This is awesome… This post needs to be pinned as it is important information to those who need to go through this :slight_smile:

Good write up. I will be using this

Thanks guys, Just in terms of cost if you are interested, The small seals and O rings cost €12 Euro and the large main seal manufactured plus fitting for me cost €72 Euro.