Front Activ Aero Apromps new Edition

I’ve finished my project and have produced a working Active Aero Aproms. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

The price is 550€.

The apron is made of the same material (PE) as the original and is without metal attachments. I can ship worldwide. I have to find out the shipping costs separately.


I want one. Shipped to US 80015, let me know the cost.

Cost of shipping to Estonia 13516 please

Will you be making the later version with the side corners?

Hi Sonic
I’m looking for a way to improve the corners and the maintenance opening. An apron with integrated corners is not planned

Is that tray of the 3000gt as it looks like it’s got the place for the side pieces to fasten too. Would be great if you could get the side pieces done as well but I think there’s possibly someone who as already done them.
So if this is the aero tray that accepts the side pieces I would definitely be interested in buying one.


Really interested of one active aero dam. Please send me price for delivery to Tallinn, Estonia 13516.


Hi Rolts89
The cheapest transport to estonia is offered by UPS at 185€. The excess of the parton 160x60x20 (5 kg) makes shipping so expensive

Hi Lauri
The cheapest transport to estonia is offered by UPS at 185€. The excess of the parton 160x60x20 (5 kg) makes shipping so expensive

Hi Sonic
The Active Aero tablet accepts the side panels. Shipping to UK would cost €145 via UPS. Due to the oversize of 160x60x20 (5 kg) shipping is relatively expensive.

Thanks for the reply :+1:
Are these available to purchase now?

I still have a few here and can send them immediately.

Hi Centuria1600,

As you can see from ZIP me and Rolts89 are basically neighbours in Estonia. We are both interested of one unit of front aero dam. Will you able to put two units into one package and send them to Tallinn 13516, Estonia? I guess when there is only one packet with two units it will be a bit cheaper when sending two different packages?

Br. Lauri

Hi Lauru_L
Is possible.
The shipping costs are the same whether I put 1 or 2 in the box. You can share the packaging costs.

Dear US GT drivers
Due to the oversize of 70.8 x 24.5x 7.8 inches are the shipping costs with ups 495€. By a collective order the shipping costs would be minimized. If I get 5 paid orders I can send them to the USA to a depot. From there the shipping would be done to each orderer. However, this only pays off with a minimum of 5 orders. Then the shipping costs per customer would be about 150$.


I am interested.

How much the freight to singapore ?


[email protected]

Hi Garyleow
The shipping cost to Singapur is 512€.
Br. Jean Pierre

Hi Jean Pierre:

I am interested in 1 for my 1994 3000GT VR4.

Will this fit my model? If so, what is the price (I prefer in CAD or USD)

I can arrange for shipping if you can box it up good and forward the weight, dimensions and pick up address.

I look forward to your response.

Kelowna, BC Canada)

Hi Jean Pierre:

Are you still selling the Active Aero Front Tray for the 3000GT VR4 as I am interested in buying 1 from you?

Keith Andersen

Hi Keith
Yes I am selling the Active Aero Front Tray, but the shipping cost to USA and Canada is about 700€.
Jean Pierre