Follow up on active aero tray

I had to take a bit of time out for family reasons but wanted to share some pics of the carbon fibre aero tray with you we had on the car last month.

This is just the prototype but hope you like it.


That is fantastic, but I worry a bit about the cost of it as it is in carbon fibre :thinking:

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Thanks @johanthomsen
We are discussing price at the moment.
We are also looking at other possible materials
Cf will never be cheap but hopefully our products will be affordable.

We have speedo converter/Delimit chips
Decals and more soon available as well.


Nice job Jensen. Looking forward to seeing the final product.

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I’d certainly be interested in one of these when the finished article emerges. Will you also be doing the corner lower finishing aero strakes that the UK cars had?

I need this! Will buy if under $1000

I think that everyone on here would love to get hold of a good one. There are a number of people working on copies right now but I haven’t seen one yet. Hopefully, someone will post something soon.

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Sorry I have not been on in a while.
Just been super busy.
You will see more on these soon.
We have so far not found a suitable oe like material to use but have been busy with some other things for the cars.
We have made a couple of full carbon ones in black gel coat which have a more oe look to them, and these are sales pieces.

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Thanks for the update jensen. Do you have some pictures?

Sorry guys posted in wrong section
Here’s a carbon tray we have given a very quick coat of plastic coating.
Next to an oe tray looks very similar.
We have a rubber material tray which will keep costs down and will be the oe option.


Now when I have been working on mine I noticed a thing I did not know… When you activate it and it goes down a bend will form in it… How does the carbon fibre fare with that?? I dont know anything about carbon fibre to know if it is flexible or not …

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Yes your right at first this was an issue, we got it worked out though.
You will see in the video above, the carbon tray moves easily.

aah of course :smiley: I saw that in the video… I just forgot it :see_no_evil: :smile:
Well still good job to you guys… Many will want to purchase 1 from you as those cannot be sourced from Mitsubishi

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Do you have any rough estimate on the price for these replica trays yet? I suspect that a lower cost OE-like replica (not carbon fiber) will still be fairly expensive, especially with shipping costs.

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Some of my mates here in Germany would be interested as well, would you ship to Germany?
And how is your time schedule?
Stefan B.

@jensen360 Any updates?

I’d love to get me hands on some sort of affordable solution for this also !

I am hoping that jensen will come through with these soon. We all have to appreciate the massive amount of work that goes into production of a part this size.
If there isn’t anything on the market by the summer, I already have a company on standby to make them for us. They will be plastic though and not carbon fibre. I prefer to keep things as close to original as possible.


These will sell like hot cakes. Closest to original the better. Paddy