First wash in four years :)

Btw I changed timing belt kit using the video tutorial, it worked a treat with no problems (Cheers Joe!)


Looking good Ross, is she on the road yet.
Btw: I’m in Offaly.

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Alright Enda, no but will be soon. I got a few capacitors replaced in the ecu today so hopefully it will run better, need to test it out tomorrow. I’m in Ballinasloe

About an hour from you , near Tullamore , I bought a set of door rubbers from someone in ballinasloe last year.
Wasn’t you by any chance.

I think there are like three other red GTO’s in this area (Ballinasloe/ Athenry). I’m not familiar with the owners, but no that wasn’t me. I think I know the car belonged to him, it was painted at the polish garage in the town here.

Great to see another GTO in Ireland! I’m in Kilbrittain l,West Cork.

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Yeah cheers, I’m looking forward to getting it out for some drives and 90’s tunes


Another one here, all be it in northern Ireland but hey, the more the merrier. Car looks great.


I thought it was a mk2 he had but I didn’t get to see his car, and I didn’t expect there to be 2 in the area let alone 4. This chap lived just on the outskirts of the town
Lot if these cars popping up over here , good to see. Thought there were little or no others out there, in my 3 years of ownership I have never seen another irish one and only one northern one at a show.

That looks really good :

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All the three others I’ve seen are mk2’s alright. With regard to not seeing GTO’s around I think the couple of thousand euro road tax has something to do with that ! :sweat_smile: Hopefully as they all turn 30yrs we will see more. I’m disappointed my ecu wasn’t a success, I’ve ordered the remaining capacitors I didn’t have to replace and see, if that doesn’t work I don’t know what I will do, maybe put aside money for a chrome ecu

Yeah, obviously road tax :rofl:, but I thought you’d see the odd one at the shows. My one will be 30 in November.
Regarding ECU, firstly what are the symptoms if you don’t mind me asking and secondly there are a couple of places in Cork and Dublin that repair ECU’s but the Gto Doctor in the UK, from what I see on the forums , is the go to guy for the Gto ECU’s with a lot of positive feedback. I’ve no personal experience but he did repair the ecu on my car for the previous owner.
If you are thinking of upgrading or replacing , Rob from Evil Empire has an ECU in the pipeline which will work in our cars and also reduce the emissions to get around smog bans in towns and cities. He explained the details to me but unfortunately went over my head, but you could give him a call if you’re thinking of going down that route.
Btw: My car is also red. That’s a lot of red Gtos in a small Area.:grin::grin:

Hi Enda, yea well I suspect it’s the ecu. The car is bucking under acceleration, this gets worse after a few minutes of driving. There was that chattering / clicking noise coming from under the dash and the Speedo needle randomly flicks up and down.

I’ve seen this happen before and changing the ecu rectified it. It’s happening again now. On inspection the board is deteriorating and shows signs of water damage (condensation maybe) from possibly being stored in a cold garage.

So all in all while I can’t be sure it’s the most logical explanation I can think of as to the issue. I changed all timing gear and adjusted the timing with a light gun, it’s spot on.

Other than this the car is in relatively good nick. It’s rust free tg. The 5spd is notchy at times, there is a bit of play in the driveshaft and a slight leak from the transferbox which I’m keeping an eye on. It could do with a respray in order to be all the same color too :sweat_smile:. I have a V6 Sigma here that I will be able to take bits and pieces off as needed but ideally would love a wrecked 91-93 Gto to have for spares, pissed I did t pick one up years ago when they were going for peanuts :man_shrugging:

Anyone know where this ended up?

It would be nice to know if it’s still about, is that a Kerry reg I spotted ? The 3000gt’s are a bit more rare and higher spec too. The guy I bought mine from has one but it’s still on uk plates.

Found another one, in Armagh.

(He seems to be advertising an Audi A4 in the same listing.

If that cars running ok it has to be worth a punt for 1500 quid or less.

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Yeah, I’m considering getting it and throwing in the engine and gearbox of my VR4 (I’m rebuilding the engine at the moment) because the paint on my VR4 is in shocking condition.

Hi Adam, are you considering converting a n/a automatic to a TT manual ?

Yeah, just a thought. Although I don’t know how my family would feel about having another car in the driveway :joy: