Etacs unit Location

Hello all ,my name is Lee, I have a 1998 GTO SR

Took My car for a decent journey this weekend after using it sparingly the last 10 months. I noticed both power windows don’t work, poor mirrors don’t work and also the rear defogger only works about 10% of the time.

I have checked all fuses etc so after doing as much investigating as possible the most likely outcome is the Etacs Unit.

I can only seem to find info on USA 3000gts for the location - I have looked around in my Drivers footwell but can’t seem to find it.

Does anyone know where it is on a GTO please? - Ideally i need the Part number to try and get another one to swap.


Drivers side , above accelerator

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Hi Lee
Don’t forget to keep your old unit. They can be repaired and someone may need it in the future.

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HiJoe, thanks for the reply. Is there a reliable source where I can get it repaired? thanks

thanks, I will have a more in depth look.

I think you can call me reliable Lee :grin:


Ha ha, I trust you 100% Joe for sure! Would you do this repair for me, I can text you privately for costs etc if that’s ok with you. Thanks again

Hello, I know I am being really stupid here but I have looked again and again for the Etacs Unit but just can’t find it. I have looked around the accelerator area and the whole footwell with no joy.

any help is much appreciated! thanks

dip-dashgone-ls I have found this on a US model, is it located more behind the dash? thanks

wth… You gotta take the dash apart to get to that box?? :man_facepalming:

Found it now - I just got confused as the the Part number is mb629051 - and when i googled it was showing as another unit but that was incorrect. Thanks for the help

I am glad you have found yours as I have been looking on my car since you first posted but it still eludes me, any chance you could circle it on the photo you posted of the footwell.

Best Regards


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No problem, I will get one in the morning for you when it’s light. It looks like 2 screws to get it out and 2 plugs to take out. It’s more behind he lower dash, under the steering wheel on the right hand side, black plastic about 5 inches in length.

Still havnt got around to do the halos yet but hopefully soon!

Hi, just tried to take a photo but its very hard to get one as its a very tight squeeze. When I remove it (I have ordered a 2nd hand one just to try first) I will get a better photo. It is basically right behind this area circled.

Thanks Lee I will try and locate it, did the part number you quoted turn out to be the correct part you required

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I just swapped my ETACS unit for another one and… no difference. Where do i start to look now? Does anyone know if there is some type of window switchpack or what wires would be best to check first? A bit stumped now… thanks

Hi Lee

That really was not the outcome you were looking for, so the Windows don’t work and you said the Mirrors don’t work either, do the door mirrors do nothing at all ? mirror glass does not move and the Mirror bodies don’t fold or unfold.

The Heated rear window does it switch its self off after a short period of time or just only partially heat

Hi, thanks for the reply. The 1st thing to go was the rear defogger. Then last week I noticed the sunroof, both power windows and the mirrors not working, literally nothing. I think the heated mirrors work when the rear defogger is pressed in so I am guessing that won’t work also. I am going to check the engine bay fuse box tomorrow, as the relays for these are all on the left side so it possibly could be a wire problem there? Thanks