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Any one can suggest which is the best option to change my disk brakes on a 1991 gto tt. First problem was when speeding the steering was trembling, went for wheel balancing and found out that part of the tyres were flat so it coaused the trembling, changed tyres put a yocohoma and went for a test drive, happy that on speeding didnt felt trembling, but when i pushed the brakes my happiness breaked with the car coz its starts trembling again so another problem with disk brakes. Any suggestions would be great :slightly_smiling_face:.

Sounds like the discs are warped. New discs and pads should sort it out.

Any suggestions on what i can buy please? Oem or after market?

I purchased mine from https://www.rockauto.com and their prices were really fair and shipping was extremely fast based on how remote my location is.

Yes i bought several parts from rock auto. But i could see local sellers. What about ebc disc brakes?

This is a area that I am no specialist in but I would like to pass on some information that was given to me and you can decide for yourself.
The brake discs are made from cast iron and cast iron can’t warp as such which is why it is used for discs which are constantly exposed to extreme heat and cold.
However, if the car is unused for any period of time, it is possible that material from the pads may deposit onto the disc in one spot or rust may build up in that spot.
This will give the impression of a warped disc.
I would suggest removing the disc for inspection before wasting money. If there is debris build up you can clean it easily. Place a large sheet of sandpaper on a flat surface. Put the disc onto the paper and move it in a figure 8 motion until the debris is removed. DO NOT put any pressure on the disc other than its own weight.
The sand paper should easily remove the debris without damage to the hard iron.
You can also check for warping by laying the disc on a perfectly flat surface and try to slide a feeler guage between the disc and the flat surface. No gap = no warping.
I hope that this helps.
Don’t forget that discs can also be re-surfaced by a local engineering shop for a fraction of the cost for new discs.


Thanks joe, i need to check well when they are out from the car, but in case i need to change i will know what to buy. The resurfacing may cause small lines in the metal which by time and use after alot of change in temperature may cause cracks in the discs so its better that they will be changed if they are warp.

Any one know if disc brakes are better plain or drilled or vented? Im in a bit of dilemma.

As far as I am aware all discs on our platform are vented, generally your options are Plain, Drilled only, Slotted only, Drilled and slotted, Dimpled and slotted, also “C hook” style are available by some manufacturers.

To the best of my knowledge all Mitsubishi OE Discs are Plain so presumably unless you are upgrading the performance of your car the Standard Plain vented discs should be more than adequate, all of the other options look prettier but with a standard car would be effectively for looks rather than requiring better performance, I would like to think that Mitsubishi would have fitted brakes that would do the Job.

If you have aftermarket wheels that leave more of the Disc/Calliper on display then the other styles of Disc do look more sporty, but I am convinced that a large number of the prettier Discs are fitted for looks or in some situations because the aftermarket Discs are less expensive than the OE

Just my two penneth

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Drilled are a gimmick and offer zero benefit. Holes are actually a hindrance. It’s just about the looks. Drilled are also known for premature cracking.

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Any suggestions on what brand i should buy? Ill be off with the plain than

I’ve been ussing DBA Gold (Cross drilled & slotted) for over 5 years without any issues

I was told that with grooved and drilled makes braking more vibrant than plain discs. What do you think?

Mine are drilled and grooved but next time I’ll go for grove only. The groves do allow dust to escape but its mostly looks tbh.

Im going to buy plainish one, EBC disc brakes. My local shop has good prices. I think ebc products are good.

As i said the brakes perform very well

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

The most cost effective way to deal with your rotors is to have a machine shop resurface them. The breaths do not need upgrading because they are still amongst the top of the line for our cars, remember that these cars were ahead of their time when they came out. At most, your calipers will need rebuilt and shouldn’t cost very much. I rebuilt mine for around $75 u.s. when I bought my car. Anytime you resurface or replace rotors, install new break pads. Also, inspect rubber break lines and repose if necessary. If you replace rotors, consider drilled and slotted to help keep breaks cool and clean.

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Hi thanks for your suggestion, i would like to buy new brake lines, any one know from where i can buy new brake lines? Thanks

I ordered steel beaded lines from 3sx.com when I did mine. I don’t know what your local autoparts shops can offer you, but they should be easily available. Online shops may offer the steel beaded lines for a reasonable amount.