Dashmat for rhd gto tt

Hi anyone can put me in the right direction where i can buy dashmat for rhd. I only found for left hand drive. And any advice which material is the best. Thanks for your help.

I was looking for one myself. The only ones out there are RHD it seems. I’ve contacted an auto upholsterer about getting a firewall pad made up and am going to ask the dudes if they can make up a dash mat as well. I’m in New Zealand.

Lol if you manage to get 1 let me know pls, i was contacting a seller from america and they told me they do it but i think when i told them if they ship to malta, i didnt hear any news from them. :frowning: i dont like dash mat but it is good for dashboard we have high temperature.

We have the same problem here. It would, however, be easier and cheaper just to use windscreen sun shields in the interim. You can get some funny designs too, like dogs, cats and Starwars. I would absolutely love it if Mitsubishi had also designed OEM rear louvres. I was just wondering if it would be a good idea just to purchase a LHD dash mat, turn it over and get an auto upholsterer to use it as a pattern thus getting a mirror image?

:slight_smile: its true its better to use a nice beach towel with our car on it, i was trying to find one, again found one in usa but cannot find were to ship.

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Just to let you know, i found local finally. Its custom made, and im custom mad coz its going to cost €150. But to save the dashboard from cracking its better i buy it. Lol

Agreed. I just wish you could get aftermarket louvres.

Hi angela, what are the aftermarket louvres?

That’s my issue. There are none out there that I know of. I’d be first in line if there were.

LOL, go to a GOOD window tint outfit, i’ve got a spare hatch that was done, but it’s starting to bubble

My next step window tinting the back windows of the car at least no more fading of rear seats.

A very good idea, and it will help to keep the car cool

Hi all, try here
They were trying to make me a dashmat for rhd you just need to ask them.

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Tint on mine is bubbled and too dark. Hard enough to reverse without having a dark rear screen

Hey, just get it off and put a lighter one on, before I get mine back on the road i’m putting a r/cam in

Finally the dashmat is ready.

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Are these for sale???

Bloody rad. Look beautifully tailored

Something that good would sell world wide.

No im sorry, its made custom for me. It was difficult to find.