Climate control repairs

Hi everyone.
I just wanted to let you all know that for the last 20 years, I have been repairing the climate control displays for our cars. I have no idea how many I have repaired but it’s in the 100s. I have never yet failed to repair one and I offer a lifetime free warranty. All parts are original factory parts and repair is done to factory standard. Repair is 48h maximum turnaround.

. Price includes all electrical parts, labour and return post. If you are shipping from overseas, you will have to use a temporary export form or duty fees may apply. Please feel free to private message me for further details and conditions.


Good to know Joe. Thank goodness for people like you.

Hi all

Just to let you know Joe has repaired my control and it works brilliantly I’ve had in back in my car for around 12 months now totally amazing looks great seeing back alive so I can totally recommend the quality of Joe’s work

Darren :+1:


Dear Joe,
I am from kingdom of Bahrain my car just driven 030k, the display of my car doesn’t work, I would like to send the unit for repair, can I get your complete address.
Can I make the payment through PayPal.

It’s looks manufactured fault as per my search.

Many thanks,
Fahad Eid Adam

Been doing a few here in Australia. Everyone comments about display. They all love the guy’s point on his nose. The display was way out there for the 90’s.

Is it possible to put this climate controller into an older dodge stealth that just has the knobs and such? More curious than anything. It would be a cool addition.

I am pretty sure that you can because everything behind the dashboard is the same. Just check that you have the plugs for the heater controller box below and behind the radio.

Hi, just trying to get contact with you about repairing one of the displays but I can’t seem to be able PM anybody. Thx

Hi and welcome, I’m sure Joe will get back to you soon.

Replied by private message

Hi Joe looking have a climate display module repaired

Replied by private message

Don’t be scared to open up and have a look inside the unit. There’s just a few screws in the back that quickly gains access and just be careful not turn things upside down while it’s open or the little button plugs start to fall out all over the floor. It’s well worth opening up a crook unit (and better still, preemptively opening up a working unit) to have a quick look and see what the problem is. It is always (or nearly always) the same 2 capacitors that leak and start the whole problem process that leads to failure of the unit. If you catch these earlier enough without to much leakage, then it is fairly straight forwards to de-solder them and replace with new ones. With a small soldering iron and a steady hand you can replace them without any dismantling of the board, it’s just a bit tight getting to their solder points under the glass screen but is doable. There is nothing special about these little capacitors and similar replacements are readily available from any radio/tech shop. If the leaking continues over time the problem becomes more involved as the leaky stuff starts to corrode and damage more and more if the circuit board and associated resistors and electronic components. At that point it rapidly becomes much more complicated to sort it out.
Any unit that hasn’t had these 2 capacitors replaced, even if the unit seems to be working perfectly well, should routinely have them replaced. At 21-30years old, they just sitting there like little time bombs waiting to leak.

Hi! I am probably being really dumb but I couldn’t figure out how to PM you. Anyway, I got my unit out of the car over the weekend and would love to send it for repair. Many thanks in advance, Richard

hi Joe new member to the group. but can’t seem to find out how to pm you iv a climate control that the screen ain’t working on a 91 tt gto and seen you offer repair service of these I’m in ireland also thanks.

I have replied to this by private message.

Yes mate. I can help with that. Shipping is going to be the biggest cost. My WhatsApp number is +44 7846976691.
My address is
2 Queens Road

Please make sure it is well packed and complete any temporary import documents or put low value in order to avoid import taxes.

Hi Joe!
Do you still repair the climate control units?
Mine went bad now yesterday.
Looking forward for reply


Joe will be away for 2-3 weeks… You can PM him and he will answer when he comes back :slight_smile:

In some odd reason it doesnt let me PM him. Thats why I replied…
Thanks for the advice tough m8