Climate control repairs

Hi everyone.
I just wanted to let you all know that for the last 20 years, I have been repairing the climate control displays for our cars. I have no idea how many I have repaired but it’s in the 100s. I have never yet failed to repair one and I offer a lifetime free warranty. All parts are original factory parts and repair is done to factory standard. Repair is 48h maximum turnaround.

The cost is £55 in the UK and £80 ($95) to all other countries. Price includes all electrical parts, labour and return post. If you are shipping from overseas, you will have to use a temporary export form or duty fees may apply. Please feel free to private message me for further details and conditions.


Good to know Joe. Thank goodness for people like you.

Hi I’d like to have mine fixed if you ar available to do so please

Hi joe.

I have 2 that need fixing, both are screen fails as the rest works ok.
Can you message me with details please

Hi joe , when are you available to repair my a/c control unit it beeps when buttons are pressed but there is no display . Thanks :+1:

I am available most days. Probably easier if you call to arrange a time that works for both of us.

Hi all

Just to let you know Joe has repaired my control and it works brilliantly I’ve had in back in my car for around 12 months now totally amazing looks great seeing back alive so I can totally recommend the quality of Joe’s work

Darren :+1:


Hi jo. Is it possible to post my control to you for repair. Many thanks

You sure can. Are you the same Trevor that called me earlier?

Thanks jo yes it is I rang you earlier. I’ll get it in the post on monday

Dear Joe,
I am from kingdom of Bahrain my car just driven 030k, the display of my car doesn’t work, I would like to send the unit for repair, can I get your complete address.
Can I make the payment through PayPal.

It’s looks manufactured fault as per my search.

Many thanks,
Fahad Eid Adam

Hello Fahad
Welcome to the forum. You are not the first person from Bahrain to send one of these to me. It is not a problem but please be aware that you must either go online to the UK customs and complete a temporary import form or there will be import charges. The other option is to put very low value but if it gets lost, you won’t get much compensation. You can make payment through paypal no problem.
My address is.
Joe Durso
2 Queens road
PE21 9AA
Please send by secure tracked shipping method and include your name, address and telephone/whatsapp number inside the box.

Please send me your contact number, I will send it by DHL.

+44 7846976691
Please don’t forget to complete customs paperwork before sending.
Thank you.

Hi Joe, Thanks for the quick response on your youtube, i cant seem to find where i send a private message so hopefully posting here is ok

My climate screen in my mk1 GTO is unfortunately busted, But the unit itself also seems to have some gremlins as i can hear it beeping repeatedly when i drive the car, seems to be turning it self on and off, up and down, hot and cold. the works, not sure if this means that its completely dead and needs replacing or if this is something you can repair

if you have the time currently id like to send it to you if possible, could you let me know where i can send it and how i can go about paying you for your services

Thanks for all your help and for the great videos that you put out there :slight_smile:

Replied by private message

Hi joe, I’m not sure if I am receiving these private messages.

Ive attempted to send one to you also but i cannot see any replies or the above message that you mentioned, not sure if this is an issue with myself or the site, i have tried on both my phone and laptop