Climate control repairs

I see your name is in gray compared to others in black… Perhaps it has something to do with some registration or something… Just a guess from here

Woop woop its working now :smiley:

Jey, and now you should be able to PM joe also so he will see it once he comes back from Ukraine :+1:

I know this thread is kinda old. @Joe90, wondering if you still do the CC screen fixes? IDK why I’m not able to message you. Maybe cause I haven’t had the profile for more than a few minutes. Please message me, if you can. Thanks!

Yes, I still do them.

Hi Joe
Are you still fixing these as I have a dead screen


Hi Barry
Yes I am. Please contact me by direct message rather than open forum and I can sort you out.

Hi Joe

I’d replaced the two main caps (didn’t fix it) and then noticed that R38 and a couple of the diodes looked a little burnt too.
Just ordered the parts yesterday and then found this forum and your post.

I should have the parts within a day or so, so I’ll fit them first just in case that’s all that’s needed.
Otherwise I’m going to need help and will be in touch.

It’s nice to find a forum with people to talk to, I’ve been trying to get my GT back on the road for over a year now after 9 years laid up in the garage.
The ECU had failed and three different companies here in the UK failed to fix it,
I finally found a place in Texas that fixed it, so the air con display is now the final bit to sort out.


Hi Barry
I am really sorry mate but I don’t usually repair units that have been previously repaired.
I have been spending too many hours checking for faults that have been caused by previous repairs and time is the one thing that I don’t have.
If I do agree to look at it, I will charge extra and may still refuse the job.

There’s usually corroded tracks under the capacitors, they need cleaning and repairing.

Hi Joe! Are you still active here? I’m looking to get mine rebuilt. How much do you charge? Im in Florida USA

I am still active but I will reply by private message as it is not part of the discussion.

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