Circuit diagram for a JDM GTO with power fold

Hi all. Nick from Maidstone. I’ve got a '92 JDM GTO that comes with the power fold mirrors. The 3000GT manual I have doesn’t cover the JDM GTOs and so the remote controlled mirror circuit diagram is wrong for my car.
The story so far: Neither the mirrors nor the power fold operate. I’ve checked the voltage on both sides of fuse number 5 which I assume is correct for the GTO and I’m getting a voltage of 12.4 volts. So far so good, but when it comes to checking the terminal block that connects into the central remote switch I can only get 0.21v (black/yellow) and 0.07v (green/white) on two of the terminals. I may well be doing something wrong but I thought that if I could at least get hold of the remote controlled mirror circuit it would confirm the correct fuse number. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hey do you mean that the mirrors fold in remotely? I have a '92 and I push the mirrors in by hand. Maybe there is a button for that but I haven’t seen it

The JDM cars appear to have had different specs. On my car there’s a separate switch along side the mirror controls to fold the mirror units in and out (see below). Consequently, there are more wires entering the controller and that’s why I’m trying to get hold of the JDM mirror circuit diagram.

The electric folding mirrors on the JDM cars have the switch you have photographed which has its issues, which I did a “How to” to take it apart replace the bulb and re-solder the connection as they suffer from dry joints.

There is also a control ECU which on inspection of the PCB when mine failed was far to complicated for a simple bear such as myself to even attempt a repair.

So I acquired a used replacement part number MB852142 it is located behind the radio bolted with a M6 bolt (M10 socket) to a crossmember near to the Engine ECU, you can replace it by just removing the radio but it is fiddly and you are working by feel rater the being able to see.

The Mirror ECU is available used on your favorite on line auction site, but do search the part number not “Mirror ECU for Mitsubishi GTO” as sellers always want more for GTO parts and the Mirror ECU is shared across suitable year Mitsubishi vehicles (mine came from a Shogun) Link for my “How To” follows Electric Mirror Switch Bulb Replacement (My How To)

Hope this helps

Maybe I’ve never actually checked. Maybe mine does having folding mirrors but TBH I have a feeling it might be a second Gen thing.

Hi, mine is a 1984 GTO.
I opened up my wing mirrors following Joe’s video. I cleaned up the gears & presto it started working.
I bought the full service manual with factory diagrams & circuits from a link. I dont mind sharing but am i infringing any laws.
Please advise & if okay I’ll share.


Hi, thanks for the information and I’ll try cleaning up the gears. I’ve watched Joe’s video on how to remove the mirrors but not sure how to take them further apart to expose the gears. Is it common sense or do I need to follow a guide? As far as infringing laws, I’ve no idea, but I’d be grateful if you are prepared to live dangerously :grin:




I too had problems with my wing mirrors.
I followed Joe’s clip to take the mirror apart.
I had no prior knowledge.
Follow Joe’s clip on prising open the mirrors. Below you will see a sort of plate.
Then remove whatever screws you can see but nark them.
You will see the gears. Use a toothbrush to slowly brush the gears & the screw rod.
There are 3 motors…1 a bit bigger for folding the mirror & 2 smaller ones for the up & down motion. I used WD40 to clean the grime which had jammed my motors.

Sorry, i just used my common basic knowledge to inravel & repair. You too can do it.

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