Brake hardlines

Apologies if this is a silly question, is it possible to buy entire pre-bent hardlines from mitsubishi? or is the only option to fabricate a new one from copper?
Both of my rear hardlines from the proportioning valve have been advisories for past 3 MOTs and I would like to replace them eventually, at the same time as whenever I get around to removing the rear subframe to clean it up.

Pretty sure you won’t get them. If they were available probably an arm and a leg.

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It won’t cost a penny to give them a call and ask. I know that they were available.


They used to be available about 10-12yr ago and they were quite cheap, but no longer in production. You’ll have to get them made and to fit in one piece the front and rear subframes need to come down.

I’m building my project GTO from a bare shell and the subframe are off completely and I can tell you its a bastard of a job to get the bends right to fit like standard. Also, if your brake lines are bad, chances are the fuel lines are not far behind.

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They might just have surface rust on them which is an advisory. They were painted green and had a clear coating of some kind to protect. Just take them off and rub them down to bare metal and repaint, thats what i have done over the winter and now all back on the car. It feels good knowing that they are all done and preserved and more importantly not going to fail. Amayama will send the two small lines from the valve down to the steering rack but they cancelled the others on me saying not suitable foe posting due to fragility and shape. hence me refurbing rather than replacing but it saved me money. make sure you put on new o rings on the end of each line.


Oh wow I didn’t realise you’d just repainted your existing lines, I might consider this, mine have a flaking outer coating which I assumed was the metal coming off.

Thats the laquer comming off. Just rub them all down, prime, two coars of colour and two clear coats to protect. I had the paint colour matched and they make spray cans for you. Or get the nearest match in Halfords. Easy

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Hi Robert,

Could you please share some more pictures from under your car?


I did a thread on here.

I did the front end previously less the subframe bushes so just the middle underside to do now and the bushes now I have them.


Fantastic job; better than factory new.

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