1993 3000GT not staring

Hello all my name is:. Van Zant
I have a: 1993 3000GT
It has the following issue: First car it’s not starting crank but no start…I have only tired looking at battery I’m thinking fuel pump…thank you for any advice.

I know it’s a basic thing but this video can be really helpful to get you started on the right track.

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There’s a connector between the battery and bulkhead that you can use to supply 12v to the fuel pump. With the battery connected but the ignition off, use a spare piece of wire to connect the positive battery terminal to the black connector and listen out for the fuel pump and fuel passing through the lines/rail.

(Not my picture, taken from the Stealth 316 website)


Thank you very much I appreciate it…

Thank you very much buddy I appreciate that… :alien: