Won't start if left too long unlocked

Hello all my name is Lee, I have a 1998 GTO SR.

Has anyone ever had a problem of this before? When I unlock and open my door - I have to put the key in the ignition straight away and start the car. If I don’t start the car straight away the engine won’t turn as if it is completely dead.

If this does happen I have to lock the car and wait for a good few minutes to try again and it then usually starts fine.

I have always had a TOAD immobiliser fitted - not sure if its anything to do with that. Ive changed the key battery and still the same.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great.


Definitely sounds like its an immobilizer issue.

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Hi Lee

Is this a Toad alarm with an immobiliser as part of the Alarm or a stand alone Toad Immobiliser ? when you say you have changed the Key battery, is this the fob that operates the central locking and the Toad unit

Hi, thanks for the relies. Yes just changed the fob battery. The Toad alarm was fitted in 2007 by the previous owner (i have all rhe paperwork etc). Thw wire looks fine from the alarm in the engine bay but tricky to locate inside the car to check. Thanks

Im not sure if it part if the original alarm. It operates the door locks with the fob.

My 1993 TT is the same . If you dont use ignition for around 30+ seconds the immobiliser kicks back in and you have to lock and unlock again. As long as you leave ignition on it is ok and there is no delay . It resets as soon as fob reopens or half moon plug put in twice (same routine different hardware) so any delay must be battery in fob.


Mine takes about 10 minutes! I can lock and unlock as many times as i can but makes no difference. Only started happening a few months ago.

I had that on my car did not find out for a long time . how i just know to lock and unlock then start the car . works every time now must be automatic system

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Hi Lee

Have you had any success with your alarm system ? when I first purchased my car the previous owner had removed a Cobra alarm immobiliser due to similar issues.

I decided to replace the Cobra all in one Central locking/Immobiliser with two separate units, I have the central locking on a plip / key and a separate Cat2 transponder Immobiliser which uses a small transponder key on your keyring that automatically disarms the immobiliser when the keys are in the ignition.

I assume that you do not have to occasional clicking Locking/Unlocking central locking issue with the solenoid in the drivers door that Joe has done a repair video for., I had that issue and it may have had something to do with the Cobra Alarm playing up in the first instance.

In separating the two I have removed the possibility of the door locking affecting the car actually running, I appreciate it is not as tidy as just having a remote controlling everything but from my point of view a small price to pay

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Hi Brillo, not really. I was fine about a year ago and only noticed it started to happen then. I also sometimes (about 40% of the time) notice that my electric windows/sunroof doesn’t work too - randomly. and then after 10 mins or so of driving - they do eventually work… wonder if that’s anything to do with the immobiliser also?

a few years ago i had the central locking problem on the drivers door. But I got a 2nd hand unit and fitted that, fixing the problem. a bit of a fiddly job but it worked fine. Will look at the Cat 2 transponder, sounds an interesting idea. thanks!

This is the one I purchased, Ebay Item : 290541674046 pretty simple to fit and the transponder is not that large. Have a look

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As far as the other issues with your Windows/Sunroof its difficult to say if the alarm/Immobiliser has any bearing on the faults.
I would think it would depend on what systems the immobiliser on your present TOAD Alarm/Immobiliser is wired to.

I am not familiar with your present Toad alarm so I don’t know how many circuits it disables or what those circuits do, depending on who fitted the Alarm they may or may not have used all the relays.

The Sterling one has Two circuit relays so you can choose what Items to disable. You can disable the Starter Motor circuit, the Fuel Pump circuit or any other circuit you choose.

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Thats great, thanks for the information. Will look at getting one of these for sure! Thanks again!