Wiring harness help

Hello all my name is: Alex
I have a:1991 3000GT VR4
It has the following issue: my cars wiring harness is all messed up from the previous owner I was wondering will a base model 3000gt wiring harness work on a Vr4 I was originally going to buy a Vr4 wiring harness but can’t find one anywhere and don’t know enough how to fix the wiring myself and am on a budget since I barely got out the hospital after 2 months. Any help is appreciated.

That depends on what you mean by base model and which section of the harness you need. When you say base model, do you mean the SOHC model ?

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The base model (DOHC) is even still missing a few components found on the TT harness. The injector resistor pack and fuel pump relay under the air box are two right off the top of my head.

Could you make it work? Sure, but it’s still more work and will require modification. You also need to pay attention to years. I’m sure there are more detailed posts out there from where people may have used a TT ECU with a NA harness for a TT conversion that would give far more details.

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Remove the harness and repair it , or take it to someone, its not as complicated as you might think, a wiring diagram would help.

The wiring diagrams are in Chapter 54 of the 3000GT Service Manuals.

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I appreciate everyone’s help I found someone selling a wiring harness from a 94 tt Manuel I’m hoping that will work since it’s the same except mines a 91

94 won’t work. 94 has 4 plugs at the ECU, 91 only has 3.

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Damn I already ordered it I’ll see if I can use to repair my harness

This fellow sells wiring connector kits:
I purchased one for my '93 3000GT DOHC NA and the kit is great. His site says that he may have one for the TT models. Send him email at [email protected] and ask him about your TT model.