Wiper Cowl Hardware

Anyone know where I can buy new rubber or plastic washers for the front wiper cowl screws? I’m getting my wipers and cowl powder coated this week and just want to replace the old hardware. Is there even supposed to be washers on the screws in the first place? Thanks!

I dont think there is washers on those screws. In the video I have seen of someone removing them, there was no washers.

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Do you have a photo? Not sure what you mean by wiper cowl screws.

I think he means that black trim along the bottom of the front windshield. Its held in by like 6 philips screws.

Yeah that’s what I meant, I ended up just using no washer and it looks fine

Yeah. There is a small, fine washer underneath
cowl screws
e washer underneath. See photo (hopefully it loads)

If you want OEM screws the part number appears to be MB375821.

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How did you find the part numbers? Do you have a diagram or website you use?


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Do you know if there is a special tool used to remove the wipers?

Nope I just used basic tools

When you go to put the wiper back on. How do you know where to line it up? Is there marks where the wiper is removed from? I checked the service manual and it says to mark off specific points so that the wiper sits correctly.

I’ve never used any marks, it just has teeth that fit together and you insert the wiper and lay it down and if it looks off then go up or down a notch. You can’t really mess up anything in my opinion.

oh ok I was told those teeth can get messed up if you insert it wrong thats why I was worried.

Joe has a video on this

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