Window guides for 11/93 TT

Are these guides part of the weather strip or sold separately and pop riveted on ? Anyone got a
part number if sold separately 93 TT facelift 11/93

Sorry to say that it looks like the guide that is riveted to the weather strip. you can always rivet it back on. The soft fluffy strip can be bought off the net by the yard so you can refurbish that part to look like new.

Window has torn one side of webbing by looks of it. Have taken it apart now . Sorry to be dense but not sure where to start with material/fluffy bit description on ebay. My weather strip isnt that good but loathe to pay £200 for a new one, so happy to repair this and the other one. Drivers side looks ok and your new passenger side regulator works a treat but obviously if its missing this front guide it cant be good for it.

Let me trawl through my old ebay purchases and I will let you know what it’s called and where to get it.

I found it. It is called self adhesive brush pile. It is on ebay but I couldn’t find the correct width so I have ordered direct from manufacturer in the correct size. It is coming from Asia so it will be a couple of weeks. I will put some on here when it arrives in case you can’t find it elsewhere in your own country.


Excellent. Thank you Joe .

Thanks Joe, I can use this information to refurbish my weather strips. I bit the bullet and installed new strips, yikes. I have repainted the old ones and I suppose I can sell to receive some funds to cover the cost… If you have the manufacturers part number that would be great, if not I’ll do the hunt as well. Thanks Joe

I found this but I am unsure if it will work for the weather strip

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That will do the job. You just reminded me to put some on the forum. I have some but forgot to put it on.

I did ask and would be grateful if you could send enough for the 4 clip/guides