Which Coolant for 91 MK1

Hi Guys

I was wondering what is the recommended coolant to use other than 4Life?

I am basically going to do a flush, and replace the thermostat. I have all the parts but i am unsure if the thermostat housing needs a Gasket and which coolant to use.

I have seen this image online, just cant find anywhere that sells it, or i am searching in the wrong areas.

Anyone know where one would find this?gasket

Thanks in advance

Have You asked Mitsubishi ?

No, dealer is usually my last resort.

Since no-one knows I am going to go with Prestone coolant, and I will see what happens when I take the cover off, if it needs a gasket. I spoke to rob (evil performance) he recons doesn’t need one.

This looks very similar to me For Dodge Stealth Mitsubishi 3000GT Thermostat Gasket Nippon Reinz MD 146834 | eBay


Details about For Dodge Stealth Mitsubishi 3000GT Thermostat Gasket Nippon Reinz MD 146834

$9.90*· In stock

Nippon Reinz. 1991 3000GT. 1999 3000GT Turbo. Thermostat Gasket. 1991 Stealth R/T. 1991 Stealth ES. From 04-1990 To 09-1990.

Have You asked Rob at Evil Empire ?

Thanks for the link matey, yea I ordered the thermostat from Rob, he said I won’t need a gasket, but I’m not so sure, I might give stealers a call tomorrow with the VIN number to see what they have to say.

If Rob said You don’t need the gasket I’ll trust his words. If You think about it there still lots of early MK1s on the road but this gasket is nowhere to be seen on the net , Evil empire, Ninja Performance, 3sx Performance etc !

Yea you are correct, considering mine is a 91, I didn’t want to risk it.
I know Rob knows his stuff, but I was just thinking for sake a few quid, I didn’t want to be waiting weeks for a part and the car just sat there and £50 worth of coolant gone down the drain.

I’ve attached the pages for the cooling system from my service book.

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Thanks buddy, that’s very kind of you. It’s all sorted now!