Which coilovers

Hi everyone, could anyone who is running on coil overs tell me what they have and how it changes ride quality, better or worse? I’v been looking at the yellow speed brand but would like to hear others experience, thanks.


The cars I have been in with coil overs always appear firm so you feel the road - of course the size of tyres will change things.

In my opinion if ECS shocks are old and failing another option is to get new non-ECS shocks- these bolt straight up with existing springs and parts. The kYB fronts are available in the UK and the rears are cheap from the US and it will give a stock ride feel for a lower price.

I’m on stock mr setup atm but the car just looks so high at the back. The front looks OK but to make matters worse someone has replaced one of the rear springs with a spring that is plainly no right. It looks about the right length but deffo not as it should be and I don’t think rear springs are available anymore.