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Hello folk… I was thinking if it would be any idea for those who have VR4 to have some sort of picture archive/post where we could post the wheels fitted on the cars, where the rims actually fit without any modification/spacer or anything…
Wheels for the VR4 model can be a nightmare to find especially if you dont want to change calipers or use spacers etc…

Or even better, if there is someone knows about a wheel shop that actually has a working generator who can say which wheels fit on these cars.

Hi Johan, This site might be a good starting point, Note the PCB for models

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On my car there is a hairs distance between the break caliper and the alloy,
So although my wheels have been refurbished and in perfect order, I was considering changing to a Negative Off Set to bring the wheel away from the Caliper, this diagram will explain.

Damn spell check ! :laughing: Brake Caliper

Yeah it is that damn caliper in the front that is causing all those issues… Ofc one can change the brake system or use spacers, but that is not keeping the car original except from the wheels which many do want to change as the oem ones are :poop::see_no_evil:

I have had a lot of trouble getting aftermarket wheels to clear the Front callipers and my experience is that it is not so much the offset that causes the problem its the shape of the rear of the spokes as they come away from the centre of the back of the wheel.

If the spokes sweep outwards towards the outside of the wheel from the centre you stand a better chance of them clearing.

I am not a fan of spacers so have unfortunately purchased several sets of wheels that would not clear the callipers, I have found that its trial and error.

All I can say is that the wheels I have found do clear are as follows :

OE Enkei Wheels from the Mitsubishi EVO7 which are 8x17 ET38
EVO7 wheel
OE Enkei Wheels from the Mitsubishi EVOX which are 8.5x18 ET38

Enkei Circlar GTA K95 Aftermarket in 9x18 ET42 but the original Enkei Circlar does Not

TSW wheel Unknown model 8x18 ET35

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 in 8x18 ET35 (literally a cigarette paper clearance)

I am pretty sure that the EVO6 and the EVO9 OE wheels would also fit but I don’t have any personal experience of those

Currently on my car now, but I’ve got a set of enike wheels coming. These will be for sale as soon as the new ones come in, if anyone is interested and willing to come to the San Francisco Bay area to pick up.

Im running Rota torque 18x8.5 et35 on mine and they clear the caliper without any issue, but I would like to switch to some more aggressive wheels, but as long as I know these fit without any mods, then there wont be any change.

Just got my new enkei wheels put on!


looks good but many now are feeling all black wheels take away fro, the car’s style. I know it is a preference and great for many cars but I am tending to agree but to each his own. If you love it then that is what matters