Wheel bearing change

Did someone change their front wheel bearings on a SL (fwd), and have any pointers for me?
Did you change the whole hub or just bearings?
Same bearing/ hub for sl and vr4?
Where do we buy these parts? Thanks.
Its an 1991.

FWD cars have press in bearings. Its not the same process as a TT/AWD car that bolts in.

You need either a bearing press or bearing press kit like one that Harbor Freight sells.

Hi and thanks for the reply.
I will then leave the hub at a workshop for them to press a new bearing in.

The only thing left is finding where to buy a new bearing. What are my options ?

There are tons of options. I’d personally go with Timken or some similar quality bearing. Rock Auto is a good choice for that.

How do i make sure its the correct part. Do you have measurements or part number so im 100% sure?


Fitment guides indicate that is the correct wheel bearing.