What size tyres

Hi folks iam looking at a set of 19 inch wheels for my gto, what size tyres are folks using on this size of wheel?

225/45/19 … I would like to go 50 or even higher, but I am a little unsure about it… I find 45 on the limit of how stiff the car gets…

I have 19x235x35 atm. Little bit harsh on poor roads but only summer car for me so I put up with it.

Thanks all iam Lou to go for 245 width, not to worriesd about the ride as it’s only going to do around 300 miles a year when finished

The width of the tyre depends on the width of the wheel. Do you know what offset and J the wheels are?

They are et 30 8.5 j

A tyre size calculator might be helpful. There’s plenty on Google but here’s one I came across: Tyre Size Calculator

Here’s the standard wheel size according to my owner’s manual:


To keep your speedo reading right u will need 245/35, hope that helps.

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