What is this grinding noise?

Hello all my name is:YellowDog
I have a:91 Dodge Stealth TT
It has the following issue: I replaced the power antenna mast. Antenna fully extends but grinds gears for about 10 seconds after fully extended.

No issues with antenna going down.

Why won’t the motor shut off?

I made a post about this a few days ago. Mine does the same thing although the antenna doesnt extend. The motor shuts off after like 10 seconds. I know joe made a video on how to fix these things.

Did you replace your antenna mast?

No, I dont like the stock antenna on these cars. I like it better down. The noise can be really annoying at times but I may replace it with the 3sx stubby antenna. Also my motor has been doing that for like the past 15 years, surprised it still works lmao.

Sounds like your antenna mast is broken.

Mine has a new antenna mast so not sure why it’s still grinding

You could always just remove those rear trunk panels and take the whole assembly out. Open everything up.

Already did that. I removed all the broken pieces of the old mast.
It still doesn’t know to stop grinding after antenna is fully extended

When you replaced the antenna, did you remove all the old broken bits of the plastic track from the motor? Only other thing I can think of is a broken switch in the motor.

Yes. I opened the motor and removed the broken pieces.
Is there a switch that tells the motor to stop after the antenna is fully extended?

I’m not sure, but I would think there would be one simular to the one user l used on the advice aero motor.

I would say leave it alone its so retro and goes well with the rest of the package

Buenos dias, Yellowdog:

revisa el mástil de la antena en sus diferentes tramos, puede ser que uno de los tramos no salga del todo y por eso sigue sonando el motor porque hasta que no sale completa no para el motor.

en Ebay el mástil nuevo esta en unos 30 €.

yo aprendí a cambiarla en uno de los videos de Joe, me fue de gran ayuda, es muy fácil.


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Buenos días Fernando, compré e instalé un nuevo mástil. El mástil se extiende completamente pero el motor no se apaga. ¿Por qué el motor sigue rectificando los engranajes después de que el mástil está completamente extendido?

Buenas tardes yellowdog , no tenia porque pasar, la verdad es que se me escapa a mis conocimientos.

Has probado a desmontar el motor de la antena y desmontarlo para ver si ves algo raro.

Es lo unico que se me ocurre.

Joe seguro que sabe donde esta el fallo, espero que este mejor.

Un cordial saludo

Desmonté el motor y quité los dientes rotos. No vi nada más malo con el motor. No estoy seguro de lo que se supone que debe hacer que el motor se detenga después de que la antena esté completamente extendida.

I wonder if it is a bad antenna relay that is preventing the motor from stopping

Anyone have a relay (Part# MB6279590) I can try?