What is this? (1991 N/A)

Hey guys,

When I purchased the car, the plug on the bottom of this piece attached to the intake was broken:

My questions are:
What is this?
Any idea where I can get a replacement (with plug) in Australia?
What is the impact of not having the bottom plug connected?

My GTO is running a bit rough… wondering If it’s related?

Any ideas if anyone can identify it, I’ll forever be in your favour.

That’s your VIC Servo. It opens at around 5000rpms to allow air to take a shorter route through the plenum. If not functional you’ll lose significant low end torque and the engine may run rough. Some people I’ve heard of removing them. Turbo models don’t have them. But they are necessary for proper functioning of the engine.

On 3Si you can buy new retainer pins to hold the clip in place.

If your running rough though, check the easy stuff first. Common issue that I just fixed myself was and IAC. It was 50 bucks for a new one. Took ten minutes to install.


I added some links to my post above to give more info.

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You are a god. Thank you so much for all the great info. The clip at the bottom actually cracked and broke off - this explains why i have terrible low end torque at the moment (it’s not connected). Time to find a replacement module & connector. Thank you!!

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No problem. Those connectors can be hard to find. Junk yard has been helpful for me when I broke one of mine on accident.

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I have brand new connectors on order. Should be here in a few days. I will update you.

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Thanks Joe. Looks to be both sides of the connector. The last owner did a bit of a dodgy…

Sorry mate, I can only help with the plug.

It looks like someone left the plugs connected while removing the plenum or dropped something on them.

Thanks all, I’ve found a way to make a custom connector to get things back on track. Time to whip out the soldiering iron :slight_smile: