What does this control

Hi all

I have a 1990 GTO does any know what this bank of relays control ? It’s the small one in the drivers foot well behind the main fuse box

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1 there operates the switch for the windows, not sure what the others in that bundle do, but as it goes into the door, the I guess it has to do with operations related to it… Central locking perhaps??

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That’s great thank you I had a RAC mess about when my car shut off died on a 60 mile hour road last Sunday and I think he snapped one of the relay holders so I just wanted to know if I needed to replace that before trying to sort the none starting issue out

I dont think that module would have anything to do directly with car running operations, but as these cars are so strange put togeather, then I would not be surprised if it does not affect something…

It is worth looking in the manuals section. It will tell you the location and purpose for all of the relays and fuses.

That’s very true they all seem to have the same parts but in different places depending on the year it seems like Mitsubishi want to keep everyone guessing