Weatherstrip underneath door

Does anybody know what the weatherstrip is called that runs underneath the door? Also is there suppose to be plastic clips that hold it in place? Mine is sagging pretty low and does not sit flush.

Those clips are really hard to get hold of, and if you find them, then be prepared to pay a fortune for them…

All of the clips appear to be there I can see them. However the weatherstrip isnt being held in by them which is odd. Ill have to take some pics to show you what I mean. Maybe the clips are broken idk.

They can also snap out from the weatherstrip itself… Try to see if the clips still are formed as a T and if so, look at the weatherstrip where the small holes are to see if the weatherstrip is torn at the holes… If not, then try to gently insert the clips back into the holes

Do you know if clips run along the entire weatherstrip? Or just under the door. Ill probably remove it and clean it before putting it back on.

They run all along the bottom of the door and a up the side in the front and rear

any idea what this weatherstrip is called?

You can see it on here: Front door panel & glass for Mitsubishi GTO 1 generation 10.1990 - 07.1993 - Mitsubishi Car and Auto Spare Parts - Genuine Online Car Parts Catalogue - Amayama

But unfortunately it is discontinued :confused:

The clips I need are there right? MU481138 Arent these the ones?

Yeah it is this one:

You can see there that they cost $2.69 each and there are used 42 for each side, but you can just check yours and see how many you need replacing


Ok now I see it, found this pic online.

Little update on this so I finally got around to it and every single one of those clips was actually still in the door. It somehow separated from the rubber. Pulled all the clips out, put them back in the rubber and its as good as new. Though when it freezes here in NJ, the rubber keeps freezing to the car. So when I open the door it yanks the rubber out of the clip.

That was great for you as it saved you a good amount of money :slight_smile:
Cover the rubber with a good layer of silicone and it should prevent it freezing to the car :+1:

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Know of the best way to clean these weatherstrips? Mine are so dirty.

You can take them off the doors if you have some time and put them in a bucket of good soapy water to soak and clean them up… If you take them off the door, then please dont go yanking in them in the process… You have seen how the clips insert into the rubber trim… If you cant get the plastic tabs out of the door (as they have become brittle and weak with age) then gently take them out of the rubber trim itself, and both at the front of the rear of the door the trim ends in a thich triangle… There is a bigger insertion behind the “triangle” attatched to the rubber trim itself… Gently pry it out with a plastic trim removal kit and you should be fine…

The keywords are: take it slow and easy and you will be fine :slight_smile:

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