Water Leaks / Rust Issues

Greetings Every one
I bought a Dodge Stealth several months ago and i was very happy to own this car and it was in excellent condition. This car is considered rare in my country KUWAIT , so I bought it without a check
And I made a video for My Car Collection and when filming the video, I did not notice any rust problem in the car … A few days ago, I watched a video of Mr/ Joe Titled / Mitsubishi 3000gt / GTO Leaks, Water Ingress, Damp Issues Part 1
I noticed water leak earlier , but I didnt care because rust in my country does not cause a big problem due to the nature of the hot weather …& after watching the video i was worried Because the car is imported from America
And what I discovered is exactly what the Mr / Joe talk about in his video
So I decided to make a video in the coming days that shows the size of the problem
Welcome to my channel ( Daily Biker Exotics )
Mr / H
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Thank you / spiros :pray:t2: :heart_eyes: