Water inside boot lid

Hi folks Iam getting water inside inside the boot lid , it come out of the boot lid cover when you open the boot, it’s only on the passenger side of the car, anyone had the same issue

Most likely cause is the seal on the window wiper motor. Please watch the video in water leaks. You will find a whole list of places where water gets in.


Hi mate cannot find it, do you have a link please

It is either in this video:

or this one:

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It appears to be coming from one of the clip retainers for the lower window trim, so I think I will try and take them out and seal them all, any tips on getting them out

eerrr… That lower rear window hatch trim is a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ARSE to get off… Joe has it covered in 1 of his video´s also

I’ve got the trim off already, not a too bad a job just need to know how to get the clips off from the boot lid

they are just inserted down into there… you yank them up and replace those that break… The clip is a common one used by Mitsu so it is no problem to source it