Warning light ECS and Active aero

Hi Joe

Red Auto now resprayed and pretty much finished, so on to Blue TT. I have to fit regulator you recently supplied and video excellent, so no probs.

However the ECS light is flashing on “sports” and the Active Aero is still on although it “winks” via the switch on start up…

Will be checking “caps” for broken wiring for ECS as per video and wiring on front AA motor as rear one has not been taken off but front motor was taken off and derusted/cleaned.

Any other obvious problems to look for . I have ECS/Heated rear switch but not ecu’s etc for either operation.

If your front is malfunctioning, then the rear wont function… It can do a wink on startup/or activation of the switch, but then it will freeze… Look for fault in the front before you go digging into the rear wing…

Mine was acting up, and when I resprayed my car, I decided to pull the front apart, and I found the fault of mine being that the rod that spins and raises and lowers the front was not spinning… The motor tried to activate it thus sending signal to the back also which activated the “wink” but when the front did not lower, then the system froze up, and could only be activated again after turning the car completely off and waiting a few mins, and then the same procedure could be repeated.

I cleaned up the rod and greased it so it spins freely now, and my system is working a charm.

Exactly what’s happening Johan and when I think back it wasn’t my current mechanic who cleaned up the motor about 9 months ago. Bit chilly to lie under it so will leave that to garage on ramp during respray.

Thank you hopefully one easy remedy and can concentrate on ECS flashing in sports mode only, which might end up hell of expensive.

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Just pay attention to that when you assemble the front again that it is in its correct position…
I accidently reversed mine during assembly with the effect that the front was down when starting the car and raised up at 80 kmh driving :rofl::rofl:
But the rear would not activate, that is how I figured that the front is the one controlling the rear, so always start the diagnosis at the front :grin:

Will check that first. When original guy cleaned up motor he just said rear is winking so must be ok now.