WANTED: rear view mirror base/mount for JDM and Euopean(?) GTO/3000GT

Hello, long story short but I have a JDM rear view mirror that I want to install but the USDM mount isnt compatible. So im looking for the base/mount and spring clip that comes with it. Here’s a video to see what im talking about, more so after the 4:20 mark. Mitsubishi 3000gt / GTO Rear View Mirror Removal - YouTube

EDIT: found the part numbers for added info. MB828003 and MB178921

Ive also included a pic of mine. Thanks in advance.

I have what you are looking for but because of the high shipping cost, you may want to check your local junk yard first.

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Unfortunately little to none of the US Mitsubishi cars received that mirror/mount so looking for it at a junk yard wouldn’t be fruitful. Also, according to Mitsubishi Parts Warehouse they only have the clip in stock but the base/button that goes on the windshield is in back order with no ETA.

It shouldn’t be too expensive to ship since they are vvery small items? Shipped in a small parcel.

I will get you a price and get back to you.

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Thank you, take your time.