Wanted pair rear shock/spring assembly

Hi All

Last ditch attempt to get the car off axle stands, I need a pair of rear shock assembly’s of ANY type to be able to move it.

One of mine was leaking and the other had to be cut off, when removed neither had any resistance and with the springs removed both shafts stay in the shock body when depressed so US.

I do appreciate that I could get coil overs but at present don’t have the £888 (the cheapest I can find) it would cost to purchase them.

I have contacted Joe but he does not have anything

Any help gratefully received

I don’t like to see anyone this desperate. I will sell you my emergency set. I will be in touch by private message.


Hi Joe

That is a incredibly kind gesture, having watched your video I can see that you have a considerable requirement for all parts with 7 cars to restore plus the white MK1 for video use.

I would be very grateful of any help but do not wish to hamper any work on any of your own vehicles.

Hi Marc
I know we spoke earlier but for some reason, my phone did not remember the number. Could you text me with your number and do you use whatsapp so that I can send you pictures?