(Wanted) Leather Interior

Looking to buy a black leather interior- all seats, door cards in usable condition.

I’m in Ireland so that will make things more difficult but not impossible. I’d appreciate any leads


I got mine retrimmed, I can pass on the guys details if you like.

And my Steering wheel


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Yours look like they turned out great ! Steering wheel too, class. I’m on a budget so not sure I can afford to pay for a retrim . Do you mind me asking how much the seats set you back? Were they cloth originally? I might have to save up !:slight_smile:

Hi Ross, yes cloth originally. Can’t remember exact cost , it’s been a couple of years even though I only refitted them last summer, but was around 1000 I think, including new handbrake and gear gaiter.

Yeah I figured it wouldn’t be cheap alright. If you intend on keeping the car it’s worth it. I have my car seven years and only now getting a renewed interest in it as I’ve just finished restoring a 71’ Galant GTO I have as well. I will try find a second hand interior first but might have to do a retrim eventually. I put an ad up on done deal but no calls yet.

I found a guy to retrim my steering wheel, he’s based near knock Co.Mayo. I’d love to do the flat bottom wheel but I’ll settle for a standard retrim just to have it done. He quoted me €100

I sent my wheel to a @jensen360, and am very pleased with the result.
There is a company in kilkenny, I got sound proofing for the car off them , who also refurb wheels and do the flat bottom. They’re on DD
Gallant Gto is a rare car