VR4 Rear hub bearings/ABS gear ring

Hi Joe, hope you’re doing great.

I watched your video on the rear axle hub replacement and wanted to find out if i want to change the outer bearing, how difficult is it to remove the ABS gear ring (sorry if calling it wrong). I’m doing a caliper restore and brake replacement, my brake dust shield and pretty much everything around it is covered in rust, so wanted to clean it up and paint as much as I can. However if i’m doing that, might as well change the bearings out too. In order to change the outer bearing looks like I’ll have to slide off the sensor ring.


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You can remove both the ABS ring and outer bearing using a standard gear puller - I got one off eBay for about £20. You will need a press to push the new bearing and ABS ring back onto the shaft.

OK sounds good, thank you.