VR4 exhaust system

I am about to pull my hair out in my search for a new or “new” exhaust as mine is starting to show way too much decay, BUT I just cant seem to find anything usable.
Sure there are lots of those Borla and what do I know they are called exhausts around, but I want a 4 tip exhaust so it gets as close as possible to the original one…
Any of you folks have any good tips/info on where to look for one?? And please dont recommend an exhaust shop as those are non existant here on the islands, and the nearest landmass which perhaps has something like that is several 1000 km´s away :grin:

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Literally got this delivered today lol.

There iss a quad tip I think but I don’t know if its what your looking for or would be any good for shipping…


I wanted new rims because mine looked dull and scuffed up but I’m poor and ghetto so I spray painted them chrome :joy: it looks great though! If your muffler, Cat converter, and under pipes aren’t rusted through, maybe your back pipes just need some paint. Sand them down so the rust is gone, use high heat primer, chrome paint and clear coat. Easy cosmetic fix. If your exhaust is really messed up, check Rockauto.com

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I’m not OP but I purchased some really cheap rims for 200 bucks and spray painted them last week. They turned out okay for my first time restoring rims.

Check it out!

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Great job man! They look brand new again!

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I have an original twin turbo exhaust including the main cat. Its from a 1998 3000GT with few km and in good condition. It does however not include the last part with the twin pipes and muffler. Let me know if you are interested.

Oooh dear… The last 2 pieces are the things that are in worst condition on mine… But those things would still help… If you are selling, then how much would you want for it??